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Project Runway is to be renewed for season 16
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Tim Gunn, Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, Michael Kors
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Released Date Project Runway season 16

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Released Project Runway - 30.11.2017

Project Runway is a veteran and a smash-hit competition reality show that is being broadcast on the Lifetime channel. The fashion design contest is a brainchild of Eli Holzman (Undercover Boss, Mystery Millionaire) and is hosted by Heidi Klum, a world-famous German supermodel. She also stands behind the program as an exec producer in collaboration with Bob Weinstein, Colleen Sands, and others. The long-running fashion design competition premiered on Bravo on December 1, 2004 and now it is shown on the Lifetime channel.

In each new cycle, sixteen hopefuls arrive to the city of New York City in search for the fashion adventure that is supposed to change their lives. In season 14, demanding jury includes Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia and Zac Posen and mentor Tim Gunn, who will have the power of “saving” one designer from elimination. Beloved TV-series actors like Bella Thorne, Kiernan Shipka, Tracee Ellis Ross, Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer, and well-known singer Ciara, and are among the guest judges.

Project Runway has become the viewers’ darling and acquired a number of spin-offs like Project Runway Junior and others. The ratings of the original competition have been solid, so the renewal the highly-rated clothing design competition was easy to predict. In fact, to the delight of millions of fans, Project Runway has been picked upfor three more installments – up to the 18th season.



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Episode Guide

Season 1

1Innovation1 Dec. 2004
2Vision8 Dec. 2004
3Commercial Appeal15 Dec. 2004
4Collaboration5 Jan. 2005
5'Model' Clients12 Jan. 2005
6Making a Splash19 Jan. 2005
7Design a Collection26 Jan. 2005
8Postal Uniform Challenge2 Feb. 2005
9Design for the Red Carpet9 Feb. 2005
10Reunion Show16 Feb. 2005
11Fashion Week23 Feb. 2005

Season 2

1Road to Runway7 Dec. 2005
2Clothes Off Your Back7 Dec. 2005
3All Dolled Up14 Dec. 2005
4Team Lingerie21 Dec. 2005
5Social Scene4 Jan. 2006
6Window Shopping11 Jan. 2006
7On Thin Ice18 Jan. 2006
8Inspiration25 Jan. 2006
9Flower Power1 Feb. 2006
10Makeover8 Feb. 2006
11What's Your Line14 Feb. 2006
12Reunion28 Feb. 2006
13Finale: Part 11 Mar. 2006
14Finale: Part 28 Mar. 2006

Season 3

0Road to Runway: Casting Special5 Jul. 2006
1Wall to Wall Fashion12 Jul. 2006
2Fit for a Queen19 Jul. 2006
3Designer's Best Friend26 Jul. 2006
4Reap What You Sew3 Aug. 2006
5Iconic Statement9 Aug. 2006
6Waste Not, Want Not16 Aug. 2006
7Everyday Woman23 Aug. 2006
8High Flying Fashion30 Aug. 2006
9Couture Du Jour6 Sep. 2006
10Black and White13 Sep. 2006
11What the Elle?27 Sep. 2006
12Reunion4 Oct. 2006
13Finale: Part 111 Oct. 2006
14Finale: Part 218 Oct. 2006

Season 4

1Sew Us What You Got14 Nov. 2007
2I Started Crying21 Nov. 2007
3Fashion Giant28 Nov. 2007
4Trendsetter5 Dec. 2007
5What's the Skinny?12 Dec. 2007
6Eye Candy2 Jan. 2008
7What a Girl Wants9 Jan. 2008
8En Garde!16 Jan. 2008
9Even Designers Get the Blues23 Jan. 2008
10Raw Talent6 Feb. 2008
11The Art of Fashion13 Feb. 2008
12Reunion20 Feb. 2008
13Finale: Part 127 Feb. 2008
14Finale: Part 25 Mar. 2008

Season 5

1Let's Start from the Beginning16 Jul. 2008
2Grass Is Always Greener23 Jul. 2008
3Bright Lights/Big City30 Jul. 2008
4Rings of Glory6 Aug. 2008
5Welcome to the Jungle13 Aug. 2008
6Good Queen Fun20 Aug. 2008
7Fashion That Drives You27 Aug. 2008
8Double O Fashion3 Sep. 2008
9What's Your Sign?10 Sep. 2008
10Transformation17 Sep. 2008
11Rock n' Runway24 Sep. 2008
12Nature Calls1 Oct. 2008
13Finale: Part I8 Oct. 2008
14Finale: Part II15 Oct. 2008

Season 6

1Welcome to Los Angeles!20 Aug. 2009
2We Expect Fashion27 Aug. 2009
3Rumble on the Runway3 Sep. 2009
4What a Woman Wants10 Sep. 2009
5Fashion Headliners17 Sep. 2009
6Lights, Camera, Sew!24 Sep. 2009
7The Sky's the Limit1 Oct. 2009
8A Fashionable New Beginning8 Oct. 2009
9Sequins, Feathers and Fur, Oh My!15 Oct. 2009
10Around the World in Two Days22 Oct. 2009
11Best of the Best29 Oct. 2009
12The Art of Fashion5 Nov. 2009
13Finale Part 112 Nov. 2009
14Finale Part 219 Nov. 2009

Season 7

1Back to New York14 Jan. 2010
2The Fashion Farm21 Jan. 2010
3The Hi's and Low's of Fashion28 Jan. 2010
4Design Your Heart Out4 Feb. 2010
5Run for Cover11 Feb. 2010
6A Little Bit of Fashion18 Feb. 2010
7Hard Wear4 Mar. 2010
8The Elements of Fashion11 Mar. 2010
9Takin' It to the Streets18 Mar. 2010
10Hey, That's My Fabric25 Mar. 2010
11Sew Much Pressure1 Apr. 2010
12The Big, Top Designers8 Apr. 2010
13Finale: Part One15 Apr. 2010
14Finale: Part Two22 Apr. 2010
15Reunion Special22 Apr. 2010

Season 8

1And Sew It Begins29 Jul. 2010
2Larger Than Life5 Aug. 2010
3It's a Party12 Aug. 2010
4Hats Off to You19 Aug. 2010
5There IS an 'I' in Team26 Aug. 2010
6You Can Totally Wear That Again2 Sep. 2010
7What's Mine Is Yours9 Sep. 2010
8A Rough Day on the Runway16 Aug. 2010
9Race to the Finish23 Sep. 2010
10There's a Pattern Here30 Sep. 2010
11A Look in the Line7 Oct. 2010
12We're in a New York State of Mind14 Oct. 2010
13Finale Part 121 Oct. 2010
14Finale Part 228 Oct. 2010

Season 9

1Come as You Are28 Jul. 2011
2My Pet Project4 Aug. 2011
3Go Big or Go Home11 Aug. 2011
4All About Nina18 Aug. 2011
5Off the Track25 Aug. 2011
6The Art of the Matter1 Sep. 2011
7Can't We Just All Get Along?8 Sep. 2011
8What Women Want15 Sep. 2011
9Image Is Everything22 Sep. 2011
10Sew '70s29 Sep. 2011
11This Is for the Birds6 Oct. 2011
12The Finale Challenge13 Oct. 2011
13Finale Part One20 Oct. 2011
14Finale Part Two27 Oct. 2011
15Behind the Seams3 Nov. 2011

Season 10

0Road to the Runway19 Jul. 2012
1A Times Square Anniversary Party19 Jul. 2012
2Candy Couture26 Jul. 2012
3Welcome Back (or not) to the Runway2 Aug. 2012
4Women on the Go9 Aug. 2012
5It's My Way on the Runway16 Aug. 2012
6Fix My Friend23 Aug. 2012
7Oh My Lord and Taylor30 Aug. 2012
8Starving Artist6 Sep. 2012
9It's All About Me13 Sep. 2012
10I Get a Kick Out of Fashion20 Sep. 2012
11It's Fashion Baby27 Sep. 2012
12In a Place Far, Far Away4 Oct. 2012
13Finale Part I11 Oct. 2012
14Finale Part II18 Oct. 2012

Season 11

0Road to the Runway24 Jan. 2013
1There Is No I in Team24 Jan. 2013
2Spin Out31 Jan. 2013
3Surprise Me7 Feb. 2013
4The Ultimate Hard and Soft14 Feb. 2013
5A Little Bit Country, a Little Bit Rock N Roll21 Feb. 2013
6Senior Fling28 Feb. 2013
7A Sticky Situation7 Mar. 2013
8Take It All Off!14 Mar. 2013
9He Said, She Said21 Mar. 2013
10The Art of Fashion28 Mar. 2013
11Finally on My Own4 Apr. 2013
12Europe, Here We Come11 Apr. 2013
13Finale, Part 118 Apr. 2013
14Finale, Part 225 Apr. 2013
15Reunion Special2 May 2013

Season 12

0Road to the Runway18 Jul. 2013
1Sky's the Limit19 Jul. 2013
2Million Dollar Runway2013
3An Unconventional Coney Island1 Aug. 2013
4Tie the Knot8 Aug. 2013
5YOU choose your materials!15 Aug. 2013
6Let's Go Glamping!22 Aug. 2013
7Shoes First!29 Aug. 2013
8Having a Field Day5 Sep. 2013
9Let's Do Brunch12 Sep. 2013
10Project Runway SuperFan!19 Sep. 2013
11Next Generation...26 Sep. 2013
12Butterfly Effect3 Oct. 2013
13Finale, Part 110 Oct. 2013
14Finale, Part 217 Oct. 2013
15Reunion Special24 Oct. 2013

Season 13

0Road to the Runway24 Jul. 2014
1The Judges Decide24 Jul. 2014
2Unconventional Movie Nite!31 Jul. 2014
3Welcome to the Future7 Aug. 2014
4A Suitable Twist14 Aug. 2014
5The Klum of Doom21 Aug. 2014
6Rock the Wedding28 Aug. 2014
7Priceless Runway4 Sep. 2014
8The Rainway11 Sep. 2014
9The History of the American Girl18 Sep. 2014
10Muse on the Street25 Sep. 2014
11The Highest Bidder2 Oct. 2014
12Fashion Week: Who's In and Who's Out9 Oct. 2014
13Finale, Part 116 Oct. 2014
14Finale, Part 223 Oct. 2014
15Reunion Special30 Oct. 2014

Season 14

0Road to the Runway6 Aug. 2015
1Mad Dash Mayhem6 Aug. 2015
2It's All in the Cards13 Aug. 2015
3Shut Up and Sew20 Aug. 2015
4Fashion Flip27 Aug. 2015
5Gunn and Heid3 Sep. 2015
6Lace to the Finish10 Sep. 2015
7Haute Tech Couture17 Sep. 2015
8Broadway or Bust24 Sep. 2015
9Make It Sell1 Oct. 2015
10Crew's All In8 Oct. 2015
11The Runway's in 3D!15 Oct. 2015
12Roll Out the Red Carpet22 Oct. 2015
13Finale, Part 129 Oct. 2015
14Finale, Part 25 Nov. 2015
15Reunion12 Nov. 2015

Season 15

0Road to the Runway Season 1515 Sep. 2016
1An Unconventional Launch Party15 Sep. 2016
2Just Fabulous!22 Sep. 2016
3Blacklight or Daylight?29 Sep. 2016
4Sink or Swim6 Oct. 2016
5There's No "I" in "Team"13 Oct. 2016
6There IS Crying in Fashion20 Oct. 2016
7Welcome to the Urban Jungle27 Oct. 2016
8Project Pop Up3 Nov. 2016
9Life Is Full of Surprises10 Nov. 2016
10A Power Trip17 Nov. 2016
11Bold Innovation1 Dec. 2016
12An Unconventional Trip8 Dec. 2016
13Finale, Part 115 Dec. 2016
14Finale, Part 222 Dec. 2016
15Season 15 Reunion29 Dec. 2016

Season 16

0Road to the Runway Season 1610 Aug. 2017
1One Size Does Not Fit All17 Aug. 2017
2An Unconventional Recycling24 Aug. 2017
3A Leap of Innovation!31 Aug. 2017
4We're Sleeping Wear?7 Sep. 2017
5Descending Into Good and Evil14 Sep. 2017
6Models Off Duty21 Sep. 2017
7The Ultimate Faceoff28 Sep. 2017
8Client on the Go5 Oct. 2017
9A "Little" Avant Garde12 Oct. 2017
10Driving Miss Unconventional19 Oct. 2017
11Warrior Fashion26 Oct. 2017
12There's Snow Business Like Sew Business2 Nov. 2017
13Finale Part 19 Nov. 2017
14Finale Part 216 Nov. 2017
15Reunion Special30 Nov. 2017

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