Reign season 4 is to premiere
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42 min
Laurie McCarthy, Stephanie Sengupta
Adelaide Kane, Megan Follows, Torrance Coombs, Celina Sinden
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Released Date Reign season 4

Episode 16









Released Reign - 16.06.2017

Reign is a popular fantasy and drama series, which has been filmed in Canada and available on The CW network in America since fall 2013.

The plot of Reign tells the story of Mary Stuart, a girl who later became known as Queen of Scotland. The historical drama series is a fictionalized story of Mary Stuart’s life in France since 1557, when she was 15 year old.

The newest third chapter of Reign included eighteen 30-minute episodes and was released in fall 2015. The fantasy drama series has received praising reviews from viewers and critics. Americans are known to be fans of history, and they acquire a good lot of their knowledge of history from the screen. However, Reign was not showing amazing ratings, especially compared to other network’s smash hits like “Supernatural”, “Arrow” and “The Vampire Diaries”. The third chapter of the series was attracting fewer than 1 million viewers, and it is a 10% decline.

Although such weak performance, the period drama series Reign is considered to be worth investing in, and the CW network has greenlit the romantic historical and drama series for season 4. CW has a good sense for picking up hits, so Reign will probably do its best in the upcoming chapter.



Reign 3x11 Promo "Succession" (HD)

Episode Guide

Season 1

1Pilot17 Oct. 2013
2Snakes in the Garden24 Oct. 2013
3Kissed31 Oct. 2013
4Hearts and Minds7 Nov. 2013
5A Chill in the Air14 Nov. 2013
6Chosen21 Nov. 2013
7Left Behind5 Dec. 2013
8Fated12 Dec. 2013
9For King and Country23 Jan. 2014
10Sacrifice30 Jan. 2014
11Inquisition6 Feb. 2014
12Royal Blood27 Feb. 2014
13The Consummation6 Mar. 2014
14Dirty Laundry13 Mar. 2014
15The Darkness20 Mar. 2014
16Monsters27 Mar. 2014
17Liege Lord10 Apr. 2014
18No Exit17 Apr. 2014
19Toy Soldiers24 Apr. 2014
20Higher Ground1 May 2014
21Long Live the King8 May 2014
22Slaughter of Innocence15 May 2014

Season 2

1The Plague2 Oct. 2014
2Drawn and Quartered9 Oct. 2014
3Coronation16 Oct. 2014
4The Lamb and the Slaughter23 Oct. 2014
5Blood for Blood30 Oct. 2014
6Three Queens6 Nov. 2014
7The Prince of the Blood13 Nov. 2014
8Terror of the Faithful20 Nov. 2014
9Acts of War4 Dec. 2014
10Mercy11 Dec. 2014
11Getaway22 Jan. 2015
12Banished29 Jan. 2015
13Sins of the Past5 Feb. 2015
14The End of Mourning12 Feb. 2015
15Forbidden19 Feb. 2015
16Tasting Revenge12 Mar. 2015
17Tempting Fate19 Mar. 2015
18Reversal of Fortune16 Apr. 2015
19Abandoned23 Apr. 2015
20Fugitive30 Apr. 2015
21The Siege7 May 2015
22Burn14 May 2015

Season 3

1Three Queens, Two Tigers9 Oct. 2015
2Betrothed16 Oct. 2015
3Extreme Measures23 Oct. 2015
4The Price6 Nov. 2015
5In a Clearing13 Nov. 2015
6Fight or Flight20 Nov. 2015
7The Hound and the Hare4 Dec. 2015
8Our Undoing8 Jan. 2016
9Wedlock15 Jan. 2016
10Bruises That Lie22 Jan. 2016
11Succession25 Apr. 2016
12No Way Out2 May 2016
13Strange Bedfellows9 May 2016
14To the Death16 May 2016
15Safe Passage23 May 2016
16Clans6 Jun. 2016
17Intruders13 Jun. 2016
18Spiders in a Jar20 Jun. 2016

Season 4

1With Friends Like These10 Feb. 2017
2A Grain of Deception17 Feb. 2017
3Leaps of Faith24 Feb. 2017
4Playing with Fire3 Mar. 2017
5Highland Games17 Mar. 2017
6Love & Death24 Mar. 2017
7Hanging Swords31 Mar. 2017
8Uncharted Waters7 Apr. 2017
9Pulling Strings14 Apr. 2017
10A Better Man28 Apr. 2017
11Dead of Night5 May 2017
12The Shakedown12 May 2017
13Coup de Grace19 May 2017
14A Bride. A Box. A Body.2 Jun. 2017
15Blood in the Water9 Jun. 2017
16All It Cost Her...16 Jun. 2017

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