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Salvage Dawgs is to be broadcast in 2017
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Robert Kulp, Mike Whiteside
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Released Salvage Dawgs - 02.08.2015

Salvage Dawgs is a popular reality-tv that has been available on DIY since 2012. The collaborate effort between the production companies Trailblazer Studios and Figure 8 Films, Salvage Dawgs is a favorite of those people, who are interested in collecting different architectural items from the past. Executive producers Jeff Lanter, Bill Hayes, Beth Glover, Kirk Streb and Brenna Eckerson stand behind the series.

The storyline of Salvage Dawgs follows The Black Dog Salvage group, that has its base in Vigrinia. They search the USA in order to find and save more or less movable parts of torn-down buildings. The crew salvages doors, stained glass, storefronts and what not and thus save them from being destroyed. Let it be a hospital, a restaurant or a jail, The Black Dog Salvage group will get to it and find the most interesting pieces of building that can acquire a second life. As for the salvages, they make a good profit by selling the artifacts.

The original idea of the series turned out to be winning, so Salvage Dawgs has been enjoying positive critical reviews alongside accolades from the audience. However, we can’t call the program the critics’ darling as it has no prestigious wins or nominations. And only the stable ratings keep Salvage Dawgs on a roll and enable more and more renewal decisions.



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Episode Guide

Season 1

1Izard House8 Nov. 2012
2Washington Mills15 Nov. 2012
3Robert E. Lee Hotel29 Nov. 2012
4Bent Mountain Mill6 Dec. 2012
5James House13 Dec. 2012
6Ghent Row1 Jun. 2013
7Smith Mountain Lake8 Jun. 2013
8Former First Baptist Church15 Jun. 2013
9Homestead Stables22 Jun. 2013
10Foursquare Church29 Jun. 2013
11Post-War Colonial Revival Home6 Jul. 2013
12American Foursquare House13 Jul. 2013
13Stick Style House20 Jul. 2013

Season 2

1Nestlebrooke16 Jan. 2014
2Northeast Farmhouse16 Jan. 2014
3Eiffel Tower Replica23 Jan. 2014
4Hill Crest Bed & Breakfast23 Jan. 2014
5Lakeside Marina30 Jan. 2014
6Spiral Staircase30 Jan. 2014
7Foursquare Farmhouse6 Feb. 2014
8Bunker-Ramo Teletrade6 Feb. 2014
9USS Zuni/USCG Tamaroa13 Feb. 2014
10Thomas Massie Orchard13 Feb. 2014
11Conrail Caboose20 Feb. 2014
12Sheridan Square Theatre Facade20 Feb. 2014
13Youngwood High School27 Feb. 2014

Season 3

1Nelson House26 Oct. 2014
2Old Stage Coach Inn2 Nov. 2014
3Reel Theatres9 Nov. 2014
4St. Mary's Church Rectory16 Nov. 2014
5Bowman House23 Nov. 2014
6Nehi Bottling Plant30 Nov. 2014
7Byrd Log Cabin7 Dec. 2014
8Meek Farmhouse7 Dec. 2014
9Hylton Victorian14 Dec. 2014
10Roanoke College14 Dec. 2014
11Weatherford Farmhouse21 Dec. 2014
12Fringer Cannery21 Dec. 2014
13St. Andrews Church Spires28 Dec. 2014

Season 4

1Vicksburg Iron Arch20 Feb. 2015
2Geyser Gulch10 Nov. 2014
3Bemis Cotton Mill10 Nov. 2014
4Old Robeson County Jail24 Nov. 2014
5Clapp Windmill15 Dec. 2014
6Elks National Home26 Nov. 2014
7Terracotta Silo15 Dec. 2014
8Return to Geyser Gulch25 Nov. 2014
9P.A. Denny Riverboat23 Dec. 2014
10Wheeling Appartment23 Dec. 2014
11American Viscose Plant26 Jul. 2015
12Tully Choice Cabin2 Aug. 2015
13Scott Boulevard Baptist Church2 Aug. 2015

Season 5

1Drayton Mill-
2Former First National Bank-
3Covington Church-
4Rising Sun Ranch-
5Trenton Central High School-
6Portside Marina-
7Return to Trenton High School-
8Reed Creek Mill-
9Wilberger Funeral Home-
10Mt. Vernon Greek Revival-
11Riverfront House-
12Little Chef Dinner-
13Roanoke Chamber of Commerce-

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