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Sister Wives is officially renewed for season 7
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Released Sister Wives - 20.11.2011

Sister Wives is a US real-life show which takes a look at the life of a polygamist’s family. The original and long-running series airs on the TLC network in the United States. The reality program is a collaborate creative effort between Puddle Monkey Productions and Figure 8 Films. Timothy Gibbons, Bill Hayes, Christopher Poole and Kirk Streb stand behind Sister Wives as executive producers. The extraordinary series devoted to polygamy came out on TLC in fall 2010.

Kody Brown is an advertising salesman in his early forties. When Kody falls for a woman he marries her due to his belief (he is a Mormon). Since polygamy is forbidden in Utah, Kody has by date four wonderful wives and 18 children, being officially married to the first of his women. Sister Wives follows the attempts of this unconventional family to adopt conventional lifestyle.

The latest cycle 6 of Sister Wives consists of sixteen forty-minute parts and has been released in September 2015. As you have already guessed, the critical feedback on the show is very controversial, mirroring the society’s polarized view on the phenomenon of polygamy. Some people stand for show due to its brave idea, others can’t put up with Kody’s lifestyle and judge him for it. Anyway, Sister Wives has quite a considerable and loyal fan club.



Sister Wives - First Sneak Peek

Episode Guide

Season 1

1Meet Kody & the Wives26 Sep. 2010
2Courting a Fourth Wife3 Oct. 2010
3Wives on the Move3 Oct. 2010
4Third Wife in Labor10 Oct. 2010
51st Wife's 20th Anniversary10 Oct. 2010
6A Fourth Wife to Be17 Oct. 2010
7Four Wives and Counting...17 Oct. 2010
8Honeymoon Special21 Nov. 2010

Season 2

1Free Range Browns20 Mar. 2011
2The Price of Polygamy27 Mar. 2011
3Browns Out of Hiding13 Mar. 2011
4Carving Into Polygamy3 Apr. 2011
5Wife #3 Hits Sin City10 Apr. 2011
6Polygamist Party17 Apr. 2011
7The Brown Family Decision8 May 2011
8Sister Wives in Holiday Crisis8 May 2011
9No Place for Home15 May 2011
10Gambling on the Future22 May 2011
11Sister Wives in the City of Sin5 Jun. 2011

Season 3

1The Announcement25 Sep. 2011
2Teen Sex Talk2 Oct. 2011
34 Houses, 4 Relationships2 Oct. 2011
4The 4 Lives of Kody Brown9 Oct. 2011
5Defending Polygamy16 Oct. 2011
6The Wives Diet Woes23 Oct. 2011
7July 4th Rebellion30 Oct. 2011
8Another Wife6 Nov. 2011
9College-Bound Browns13 Nov. 2011
10Sister Wives on the Strip20 Nov. 2011
11Kody Climbs Into the Ring20 Nov. 2011
12Sisters' Special Delivery-

Season 4

1Picking Up the Pieces21 Jul. 2013
2Four Lives of Kody's Wives28 Jul. 2013
3Big Boy Panties4 Aug. 2013
4Odd Wife Out11 Aug. 2013
5Christmas Surprise18 Aug. 2013
6Robyn's Secret25 Aug. 2013
7Polygamy Questions Answered1 Sep. 2013
8A Wife Decides8 Sep. 2013
9Sister Wives on the Ropes15 Sep. 2013
10Polygamist Marriage Therapy22 Sep. 2013
11Sister Wives Tell All22 Sep. 2013
12Mother-in-Law Invasion29 Dec. 2013
13Kody's Bro-mance5 Jan. 2014
14Polygamist Flash Mob12 Jan. 2014
15While the Wives Are Away...19 Jan. 2014
16Browns in Crisis26 Jan. 2014
17Tragedy in the Family9 Feb. 2014
18Celebration Countdown16 Feb. 2014
19The Commitment Celebration23 Feb. 2014

Season 5

1Meri Drops a Bomb8 Jun. 2014
2Polygamists in a Shark Tank15 Jun. 2014
3The Big Decision22 Jun. 2014
4Vegas Surprise22 Jun. 2014
5Growing Up Polygamist29 Jun. 2014
6Four Wives in Two Rvs6 Jul. 2014
7From Monogamy to Polygamy13 Jul. 2014
8Every Brown Revealed20 Jul. 2014
9Mid-Season Tell All27 Jul. 2014
10Growing Up and Moving Out4 Jan. 2015
11A Family Meltdown11 Jan. 2015
12Courting Another Wife18 Jan. 2015
13One More Woman in Kody's Life25 Jan. 2015
14Anthropologists Move In8 Feb. 2015
15Robyn: Behind the Scenes8 Feb. 2015
16First a Verdict, Then a Lawyer15 Feb. 2015
17Meri: Behind the Scenes15 Feb. 2015
18Divorce1 Mar. 2015
19Tell All1 Mar. 2015

Season 6

1A Secret Marriage13 Sep. 2015
2Wrestling with Adoption20 Sep. 2015
3All About Janelle20 Sep. 2015
4Marriage Counseling Texas Style27 Sep. 2015
5All About Christine27 Sep. 2015
6Just Trying to Stay Afloat4 Oct. 2015
7More Girls Than Kody Can Handle?11 Oct. 2015
8Robyn's Big Announcement18 Oct. 2015
9A Judge Decides25 Oct. 2015
10Chaos in the Cul-De-Sac1 Nov. 2015
11A Boy or A Girl?8 Nov. 2015
12Meri Catfished15 Nov. 2015

Season 7

1Catfishing Fallout8 May 2016
2Confessions and Polygamy Perks15 May 2016
3Thanksgiving: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly22 May 2016
4Unforgiven29 May 2016
5Baby Sister Is Born5 Jun. 2016
6Meri Makes Amends12 Jun. 2016
7Hawaiian Vacation Erupts19 Jun. 2016
8Sister Wives Tell All (II)26 Jun. 2016

Season 8

1It's Worse Than We Thought27 Nov. 2016

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