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Released Survivor - 28.02.2018

Survivor is a smash CBS’ hit and a veteran reality series, which has been remade into several international reality-shows. Survivor firstly hit the small screen on May 31, 2000. The most watched and most commercially successful show on TV, Survivor has been awarded with 38 awards, including 7 Emmys, and enjoyed more than a hundred nominations for its 494 episodes in 32 seasons. The show is broadcast on CBS in America, in Canada on Global, and in Australia on Go!.

The idea of the nerve-wracking series is simple. Several people, who don’t know each other, are installed in an isolated spot where they need to squad in order to get eats, water, shelter and other urgencies people cannot live without. There are all possible challenges, and contestants are regularly eliminated, while the Sole Survivor remains on the location to acquire a hefty prize of a million dollars.

The series was filmed in such regions as Kenya, Gabon, China, Nicaragua, Brazil and many other picturesque but not safe locations.

Survivor is an exceptionally popular reality series, which maintains high viewership numbers even after 15 years on the screen. Loyal fans appreciate the opportunity to observe real people in various circumstances, the way they behave under pressure and constant tense in the air. No doubt, Survivor will be produced for several more years.



Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X (Season 33) - Preseason Custom INTRO!

Episode Guide

Season 33

1May the Best Generation Win21 Sep. 2016
2Love Goggles28 Sep. 2016
3Your Job Is Recon5 Oct. 2016
4Who's the Sucker at the Table?12 Oct. 2016
5Idol Search Party19 Oct. 2016
6The Truth Works Well26 Oct. 2016
7I Will Destroy You2 Nov. 2016
8I'm the Kingpin9 Nov. 2016
9Still Throwin' Punches16 Nov. 2016
10Million Dollar Gamble23 Nov. 2016
11About to Have a Rumble30 Nov. 2016
12Slayed the Survivor Dragon7 Dec. 2016
13I'm Going for a Million Bucks14 Dec. 2016
14Live Reunion Show14 Dec. 2016

Season 34

1The Stakes Have Been Raised8 Mar. 2017
2Survivor Jackpot15 Mar. 2017
3The Tables Have Turned22 Mar. 2017
4Dirty Deed29 Mar. 2017
5Vote Early, Vote Often5 Apr. 2017
6What Happened on Exile, Stays on Exile12 Apr. 2017
7There's a New Sheriff in Town19 Apr. 2017
8A Line Drawn in Concrete26 Apr. 2017
9Reinventing How This Game Is Played3 May 2017
10It Is Not a High Without a Low10 May 2017
11Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow17 May 2017
12No Good Deed Goes Unpunished24 May 2017
13Live Reunion Show24 May 2017

Season 35

1I'm Not Crazy, I'm Confident27 Sep. 2017
2I'm a Wild Banshee4 Oct. 2017
3My Kisses Are Very Private11 Oct. 2017
4I Don't Like Having Snakes Around18 Oct. 2017
5The Past Will Eat You Alive25 Oct. 2017
6This is Why You Play Survivor1 Nov. 2017
7Get to Gettin'8 Nov. 2017
8Playing with the Devil15 Nov. 2017
9Fear of the Unknown22 Nov. 2017
10Buy One, Get One Free29 Nov. 2017
11Not Going to Roll Over and Die6 Dec. 2017
12The Survivor Devil13 Dec. 2017
13Million Dollar Night20 Dec. 2017
14Reunion Special20 Dec. 2017

Season 36

1Episode #36.128 Feb. 2018
2Episode #36.27 Mar. 2018

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