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Swamp People is officially renewed for season 8
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Troy Landry, Junior Edwards, R.J. Molinere, Liz Cavalier
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Released Swamp People - 18.05.2017

A highly acclaimed reality show Swamp People has been on air on the History network in America since summer 2010.

The long-running swampland adventure follows the ordinary daily activities of Cajuns living in the wild territory of Louisiana, who hunt alligators to make their living. In a short, but hacked with work 30-day season of hunting, the swampers raise their annual income. A lot of residents of this spot take their origin from French refugees who had to escape from Canada in the 18th century and found their homes in this severe and unfriendly environment.

The sevenths installment of veteran series Swamp People was released on the History channel in winter 2016 and it consisted of thirteen parts. The season was supposed to be a final one, but the followers of bold Louisiana daredevils expressed their huge disappointment in the mass media after they learned about the end of the cutting edge reality series.

Besides, Swamp People has attracted good cash profits alongside a considerable viewership counts since its premiere, and the producers decided to pick up the show for another run. Now the fans of alligator hunters are eager to mark their calendars for the premiere of the Swamp People Season 8.



Swamp People Season 7 DVD Trailer

Episode Guide

Season 1

1Big Head Bites It22 Aug. 2010
2Houdini's Last Escape29 Aug. 2010
3Troy's Gamble5 Sep. 2010
4Cannibal Gator12 Sep. 2010
5Force of Nature21 Sep. 2010
6Family Feuds26 Sep. 2010
7Swamp Wars10 Oct. 2010
8Gator Voodoo17 Oct. 2010
9Final Countdown24 Oct. 2010
10The Last Battle31 Oct. 2010

Season 2

1Gator Gauntlet31 Mar. 2011
2Hunter or Hunted?7 Apr. 2011
3Shooting Wild14 Apr. 2011
4First Mates21 Apr. 2011
5Hot Pursuit28 Apr. 2011
6Dark Waters5 May 2011
7Deadly Skies12 May 2011
8Rising Sons19 May 2011
9Full Moon Fever26 May 2011
10It's Personal9 Jun. 2011
11Beat the Clock16 Jun. 2011
12Rising Pressure23 Jun. 2011
13House Divided30 Jun. 2011
14Two Captains, One Family7 Jul. 2011
152 Days to Tag Out14 Jul. 2011
16Swamp Showdown21 Jul. 2011
17Swampsgiving17 Nov. 2011

Season 3

1Gator Gold Rush9 Feb. 2012
2No Guts, No Gator16 Feb. 2012
3Divide to Conquer23 Feb. 2012
4Monster Marsh1 Mar. 2012
5Avenged8 Mar. 2012
6Treebreaker 215 Mar. 2012
7Something Wicked This Way Comes29 Mar. 2012
8Rising Waters5 Apr. 2012
9Rebound12 Apr. 2012
10Gates of Hell19 Apr. 2012
11Under Siege26 Apr. 2012
12Secret Weapons26 Apr. 2012
13Scorched10 May 2012
14Voodoo Bayou17 May 2012
15Turf War24 May 2012
16Big Gators, Big Dollars31 May 2012
17Never Say Die7 Jun. 2012
18Cold-Blooded14 Jun. 2012
19King of the Swamp21 Jun. 2012
20Man Down28 Jun. 2012
21Fight to the Finish5 Jul. 2012
22Endgame12 Jul. 2012

Season 4

1Swamp Invaders14 Feb. 2013
2Texas Hold 'Em21 Feb. 2013
3Floating Dead28 Feb. 2013
4Bad Mojo7 Mar. 2013
5Blood Lines14 Mar. 2013
6Waging War21 Mar. 2013
7Deadly Chill28 Mar. 2013
8No Surrender4 Apr. 2013
9Breaking Point11 Apr. 2013
10Cursed18 Apr. 2013
11Ride or Die25 Apr. 2013
12Devoured2 May 2013
13Young Blood9 May 2013
14Deadly Duo16 May 2013
15Lightning Strikes23 May 2013
16Sabotaged30 May 2013
17Down Goes the King6 Jun. 2013
18Blood Runs Deep13 Jun. 2013
19Beast of the East20 Jun. 2013
20The Reaper27 Jun. 2013
21Deadly Divide11 Jul. 2013
22No Tomorrow18 Jul. 2013
23Swampsgiving 226 Nov. 2013
24Deadliest Hunts27 Jan. 2014

Season 5

0Gator Recon3 Feb. 2014
1Once Bitten3 Feb. 2014
2Aerial Assault10 Feb. 2014
3Gator Jacked17 Feb. 2014
4Gravedigger24 Feb. 2014
5The Albino Assassin3 Mar. 2014
6Hooked10 Mar. 2014
7Devil at the Door17 Mar. 2014
8Gator Ghost Town24 Mar. 2014
9Hexed31 Mar. 2014
10Rumble in the Swamp14 Apr. 2014
11Beast of the Lake21 Apr. 2014
12Way of the Swamp28 Apr. 2014
13Outer Limits5 May 2014
14Blood Brothers12 May 2014
15Swamp Ambush19 May 2014
17Beasts or Bust2 Jun. 2014
18Captain Invincible9 Jun. 2014
19Unbreakable Bonds16 Jun. 2014
20Metalhead23 Jun. 2014
21Day of Reckoning30 Jun. 2014
22Lethal Encounters7 Jul. 2014
23Swamp Christmas8 Dec. 2014

Season 6

1Bounty on the Bayou2 Feb. 2015
2Gator Gridlock9 Feb. 2015
3Twister Trouble16 Feb. 2015
4Feast or Fawn23 Feb. 2015
5Pirate of the Bayou2 Mar. 2015
6Gator Slayer9 Mar. 2015
7Bulletproof16 Mar. 2015
8Badlands23 Mar. 2015
9Outlaw & Disorder30 Mar. 2015
10Crooked Jaw6 Apr. 2015
11Blood Moon13 Apr. 2015
12Bounty or Bust20 Apr. 2015
13Royal Reunion27 Apr. 2015
14Bait & Switch4 May 2015
15The Three Kings11 May 2015
16The Phantom18 May 2015
17Gator Boo-Fay22 Jun. 2015
18Here Gator Gator29 Jun. 2015
19Of Gods & Otters6 Jul. 2015
20Now or Never13 Jul. 2015

Season 7

4Home Turf29 Feb. 2016
10Cannibal Country11 Apr. 2016

Season 8

1The Hunt Begins16 Feb. 2017
2Fresh Blood16 Feb. 2017
3Breakdown23 Feb. 2017
4Vampire Gator2 Mar. 2017
5Landry vs. Landry9 Mar. 2017
6Big Boy McCoy16 Mar. 2017
7Pressure's On23 Mar. 2017
8Good Luck, Bad Luck30 Mar. 2017
9Busting Chops6 Apr. 2017
10Stranded13 Apr. 2017
11Brutus the Cannibal20 Apr. 2017
12Time's Running Out27 Apr. 2017
13Racing Sundown4 May 2017
14The Hunt Ends11 May 2017
15Monster in the Dark18 May 2017
16Savage Pursuit18 May 2017

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