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Team Ninja Warrior is officially renewed for season 2
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Alex Curry, Akbar Gbaja-Biamila, Matt Iseman
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Released Team Ninja Warrior - 27.06.2017

Team Ninja Warrior is another addition to the wide list of Esquire Network’s real life series. A derivative product of the American Ninja Warrior, the new game series is executive produced by Arthur Smith and Kent Weed and stars Alex Curry, Akbar Gbaja-Biamila and Matt Iseman, known to the audience from American Ninja Warrior. Team Ninja Warrior comes from studio A. Smith & Company and it has been broadcast since January 19, 2016.

The format of Team Ninja Warrior is similar to that of the original show. In American Ninja Warrior the contestants jump, run, hang, crawl and what not to get the coveted title of the next American Ninja champion.

Speaking of the by-product, it takes the difficulty to a new level. The challengers on Team Ninja Warrior are the best champions from the original series. Here, they are parted into eight teams of three – one lady and two gentlemen in each. Each new part follows four teams competing and in three wild and challenging rounds.

The initial season of Team Ninja Warrior immediately attracted a huge audience of a bit under 1.4 million viewers. Actually, the premiere episode has become the most highly-rated series release ever for the broadcasting channel. The franchise has become such a success that even people from higher education establishments wished to take part in it – there is a special 5-part contest called “Team Ninja Warrior: College Edition”. Moreover, the producers decided to extend season 2 to 16 episodes instead of 8, which reflects the popularity of Team Ninja Warrior.



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Episode Guide

Season 1

1Qualifying Week 119 Jan. 2016
2Qualifying Week 226 Jan. 2016
3Qualifying Week 32 Feb. 2016
4Qualifying Week 49 Feb. 2016
5Qualifying Week 516 Feb. 2016
6Qualifying Week 623 Feb. 2016
7Finals Week 11 Mar. 2016
8Finals Week 28 Mar. 2016

Season 2

1College Madness (Part 1 of 5)22 Nov. 2016
2College Madness (Part 2 of 5)29 Nov. 2016
3College Madness (Part 3 of 5)6 Dec. 2016
4College Madness (Part 4 of 5)13 Dec. 2016
5College Madness (Part 5 of 5)20 Dec. 2016
6Qualifying Week 118 Apr. 2017
7Qualifying Week 225 Apr. 2017
8Qualifying Week 32 May 2017
9Qualifying Week 49 May 2017
10Qualifying Week 516 May 2017
11Qualifying Week 623 May 2017
12Qualifying Week 730 May 2017
13Wildcard Week 16 Jun. 2017
14Wildcard Week 213 Jun. 2017
15Finals Week 120 Jun. 2017
16Finals Week 227 Jun. 2017

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