Teen Mom 2

Teen Mom 2 is officially renewed for season 8
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60 min
Jenelle Evans, Chelsea Houska, Kailyn Lowry, Leah Messer-Calvert
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Released Date Teen Mom 2 season 7

Episode 21









Released Teen Mom 2 - 20.02.2017

An American real-life series Teen Mom 2 is a continuation of long-running series 16 and Pregnant. Teen Mom 2 firstly came out in 2011, and its newest seventh season was released in spring 2016. It follows the four girls, who participated in its season 2 – Chelsea, Jenelle, Kailyn and Leah.

Each of them has made a considerable progress in acquiring their new social roles and estimating their abilities and responsibilities alongside other vital aspects like school and career. Some of the young women manage to play with their maternity roles better than others, there's some difficulties and even denial, and, surely, personal growth of each character. Girls are following their own paths, each of them is unique and hard.

Reality shows like Teen Mom 2, as a rule, are traditionally popular among American viewers, and these particular girls have grown up on the small screen, in front of the eyes of about 1.5 followers. The mother and child program was picked up for cycle 8 in the end of spring of 2016.

Leah, Chelsea, Kailyn and Jenelle are eagerly awaited by the viewers to return and let us poke and pry into their lives, though Chelsea decided to conceal her future wedding ceremony from the fans. Anyway, let’s see Teen Mom 2 renewal in 2017.



Teen Mom 2 Season 8 Trailer!!!

Episode Guide

Season 1

1Nothing Stays the Same11 Jan. 2011
2So Much to Lose18 Jan. 2011
3Change of Heart25 Jan. 2011
4Moving in, Moving On1 Feb. 2011
5Too Much, Too Fast8 Feb. 2011
6Taking Sides15 Feb. 2011
7Switching Gears22 Feb. 2011
8Pushing the Limit1 Mar. 2011
9Slippery Slope8 Mar. 2011
10Two Steps Forward15 Mar. 2011
11One Step Back22 Mar. 2011
12Judgement Day29 Mar. 2011
13Reunion Special with Dr. Drew5 Apr. 2011

Season 2

1Best Laid Plans6 Dec. 2011
2Curveball13 Dec. 2011
3Intensive Care20 Dec. 2011
4No Looking Back27 Dec. 2011
5Home for Christmas3 Jan. 2012
6Lean on Me9 Jan. 2012
7Breaking Point10 Jan. 2012
8Making Moves17 Jan. 2012
9The Beginning of the End24 Jan. 2012
10Love Comes and Goes31 Jan. 2012
11Falling7 Feb. 2012
12Love Will Tear Us Apart14 Feb. 2012
13Season 2 Finale Special: Check Up with Dr. Drew - Part 121 Feb. 2012
14Season 2 Finale Special: Check Up with Dr. Drew - Part 228 Feb. 2012

Season 3

1Walk the Line12 Nov. 2012
2Keeping Hope Alive19 Nov. 2012
3Things Come to an End26 Nov. 2012
4Life Goes On3 Dec. 2012
5Second Chances10 Dec. 2012
6A Leap of Faith17 Dec. 2012
7Building Blocks24 Dec. 2012
8Caught in the Middle7 Jan. 2013
9A New Direction14 Jan. 2013
10Half Empty Half Full21 Jan. 2013
11Breakdown28 Jan. 2013
12A Means to an End4 Feb. 2013
13Unseen Moments with Dr. Drew4 Feb. 2013
14Mid Season Reunion Parts 1 + 211 Feb. 2013

Season 4

1Under Pressure18 Feb. 2013
2Love Hurts25 Feb. 2013
3The Future Is Now4 Mar. 2013
4Faded Love11 Mar. 2013
5So Hard to Say Goodbye18 Mar. 2013
6Fall to Pieces25 Mar. 2013
7For Better or for Worse1 Apr. 2013
8Don't Be Cruel1 Apr. 2013
9Sweet Dreams8 Apr. 2013
10For Love and Money15 Apr. 2013
11Hard Knocks22 Apr. 2013
12The End of the Road29 Apr. 2013
13Season 4 Unseen Moments29 Apr. 2013
14Check Up with Dr. Drew - Part 16 May 2013
15Check Up with Dr. Drew - Part 213 May 2013

Season 5

0Season 5 Catch-Up Special7 Jan. 2014
1Revelations21 Jan. 2014
2Love Will Never Do Without You28 Jan. 2014
3Keep Your Head Up4 Feb. 2014
4Working Overtime11 Feb. 2014
5You Got Me18 Feb. 2014
6False Positives25 Feb. 2014
7These Are the Days4 Mar. 2014
10We Belong Together25 Mar. 2014
11Out of the Blue1 Apr. 2014
12What You See Is Not What You Get8 Apr. 2014
13That's the Way Love Goes13 Apr. 2014
14Keep It Together16 Jul. 2014
15When Everything Seems Wrong23 Jul. 2014
16Overload30 Jul. 2014
17Harder Than It Looks6 Aug. 2014
18I'll Be Missing You13 Aug. 2014
19Family Matters20 Aug. 2014
20Bad Behavior27 Aug. 2014
21Cabin Fever3 Sep. 2014
22Summer Daze, Summertime Sadness10 Sep. 2014
23Co-Parenthood17 Sep. 2014
24Wish You Were Here24 Sep. 2014
25All Grown Up1 Oct. 2014
26Ask the Moms6 Oct. 2014
27Unseen Moments22 Oct. 2014

Season 6

1Keep It Moving9 Jul. 2015
2Shakedown16 Jul. 2015
3No Apologies23 Jul. 2015
4Not Good Enough30 Jul. 2015
5Can't Trust Them6 Aug. 2015
6Walk Out13 Aug. 2015
7Wanna Love You20 Aug. 2015
8What Makes You Happy27 Aug. 2015
9Run Away3 Sep. 2015
10Expect a Miracle10 Sep. 2015
11Sorry Not Sorry17 Sep. 2015
12Face Off24 Sep. 2015
13Season 6 Finale Special: Check Up with Dr. Drew - Part 130 Sep. 2015
14Season 6 Finale Special: Check Up with Dr. Drew - Part 27 Oct. 2015
15Season 6 Unseen Moments14 Oct. 2015

Season 7

1Here We Go Again21 Mar. 2016
2In the Dark28 Mar. 2016
3Breaking Apart4 Apr. 2016
4Iced Out10 Apr. 2016
5No Access11 Apr. 2016
6Hindsight18 Apr. 2016
7Man of the House25 Apr. 2016
8Didn't Mean It2 May 2016
9While You Were Out16 May 2016
10Choose Your Battles23 May 2016
11Turn the Page30 May 2016
12Gone Fishing6 Jun. 2016
13Breaking the Wall2 Jan. 2017
14Deja Vu9 Jan. 2017
1510011 Jan. 2017
16Homecoming16 Jan. 2017
17Privacy Please23 Jan. 2017
18Heartache30 Jan. 2017
19Last to Know6 Feb. 2017
20Fake Out13 Feb. 2017
21I Don't Wanna Talk About It20 Feb. 2017

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