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Teen Wolf season 6 broadcast
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41 min
Jeff Davis
Dylan O'Brien, Tyler Posey, Holland Roden, Linden Ashby
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Released Teen Wolf - 24.09.2017

Teen Wolf is a hit American horror, fantasy and romantic dramedy series, which is mainly targeting teenage and young adult audience. Teen Wolf has been available on the MTV network in America since summer 2011. The long-running supernatural series was developed by Jeff Davis and it is inspired by the 1985 smash hit of the same name, starring Michael J. Fox. The TV show is a creative effort of MGM Television, Lost Marbles Television, Adelstein Productions, DiGa Vision and Siesta Productions.

The storyline of Teen Wolf revolves around a teenager Scott McCall, a promising lacrosse player. One night, he gets bitten by a large wolf-looking animal. Later Scott discovers than his body is not the same, including better hearing and gaining an incredible strength. With the help of his best friend Stiles and another wolfblood Derek, Scott assumes his new entity. Teen Wolf features Dylan O’Brien, Tyler Posey and Holland Roden, among others.

At San Diego Comic-Con, the MTV presenters announced that their hit supernatural dramedy had been renewed for season 6, which was quite expected because it is one of the most-watched MTV’ s scripted series ever. Garnering an almost cult-like fan club, Teen Wolf has a very strong viewership number of 2 million viewers in average and holds a 7.7/10 IMDb score, based on almost 90 thousand reviews.



Teen Wolf (Season 6) | Official Teaser Trailer for the Final Season | MTV

Episode Guide

Season 1

1Wolf Moon5 Jun. 2011
2Second Chance at First Line6 Jun. 2011
3Pack Mentality13 Jun. 2011
4Magic Bullet20 Jun. 2011
5The Tell27 Jun. 2011
6Heart Monitor4 Jul. 2011
7Night School11 Jul. 2011
8Lunatic18 Jul. 2011
9Wolf's Bane25 Jul. 2011
10Co-Captain1 Aug. 2011
11Formality8 Aug. 2011
12Code Breaker15 Aug. 2011

Season 2

0Origins21 May 2012
1Omega3 Jun. 2012
2Shape Shifted4 Jun. 2012
3Ice Pick11 Jun. 2012
4Abomination18 Jun. 2012
5Venomous25 Jun. 2012
6Frenemy2 Jul. 2012
7Restraint9 Jul. 2012
8Raving16 Jul. 2012
9Party Guessed23 Jul. 2012
10Fury30 Jul. 2012
11Battlefield6 Aug. 2012
12Master Plan13 Aug. 2012

Season 3

0Revelations13 Aug. 2012
1Tattoo3 Jun. 2013
2Chaos Rising10 Jun. 2013
3Fireflies17 Jun. 2013
4Unleashed24 Jun. 2013
5Frayed1 Jul. 2013
6Motel California8 Jul. 2013
7Currents15 Jul. 2013
8Visionary22 Jul. 2013
9The Girl Who Knew Too Much29 Jul. 2013
10The Overlooked5 Aug. 2013
11Alpha Pact12 Aug. 2013
12Lunar Ellipse19 Aug. 2013
13Anchors6 Jan. 2014
14More Bad Than Good13 Jan. 2014
15Galvanize20 Jan. 2014
16Illuminated27 Jan. 2014
17Silverfinger3 Feb. 2014
18Riddled10 Feb. 2014
19Letharia Vulpina17 Feb. 2014
20Echo House24 Feb. 2014
21The Fox and the Wolf3 Mar. 2014
22De-Void10 Mar. 2014
23Insatiable17 Mar. 2014
24The Divine Move24 Mar. 2014

Season 4

1The Dark Moon23 Jun. 2014
211730 Jun. 2014
3Muted7 Jul. 2014
4The Benefactor14 Jul. 2014
5I.E.D.21 Jul. 2014
6Orphaned28 Jul. 2014
7Weaponized4 Aug. 2014
8Time of Death11 Aug. 2014
9Perishable18 Aug. 2014
10Monstrous24 Aug. 2014
11A Promise to the Dead1 Sep. 2014
12Smoke and Mirrors8 Sep. 2014

Season 5

1Creatures of the Night29 Jun. 2015
2Parasomnia30 Jun. 2015
3Dreamcatchers6 Jul. 2015
4Condition Terminal13 Jul. 2015
5A Novel Approach20 Jul. 2015
6Required Reading27 Jul. 2015
7Strange Frequencies3 Aug. 2015
8Ouroboros10 Aug. 2015
9Lies of Omission17 Aug. 2015
10Status Asthmaticus24 Aug. 2015
11The Last Chimera5 Jan. 2016
12Damnatio Memoriae12 Jan. 2016
13Codominance19 Jan. 2016
14The Sword and the Spirit26 Jan. 2016
15Amplification2 Feb. 2016
16Lie Ability9 Feb. 2016
17A Credible Threat16 Feb. 2016
18Maid of Gévaudan23 Feb. 2016
19The Beast of Beacon Hills1 Mar. 2016
20Apotheosis8 Mar. 2016

Season 6

1Memory Lost15 Nov. 2016
2Superposition22 Nov. 2016
3Sundowning29 Nov. 2016
4Relics6 Dec. 2016
5Radio Silence13 Dec. 2016
6Ghosted3 Jan. 2017
7Heartless10 Jan. 2017
8Blitzkrieg17 Jan. 2017
9Memory Found24 Jan. 2017
10Riders on the Storm31 Jan. 2017
11Said the Spider to the Fly30 Jul. 2017
12Raw Talent6 Aug. 2017
13After Images13 Aug. 2017
14Face-to-Faceless20 Aug. 2017
15Pressure Test20 Aug. 2017
16Triggers3 Sep. 2017
17Werewolves of London10 Sep. 2017
18Genotype17 Sep. 2017
19Broken Glass17 Sep. 2017
20The Wolves of War24 Sep. 2017

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