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The 100 is officially renewed for season 4
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Jason Rothenberg
Paige Turco, Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropoulos, Devon Bostick
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Released The 100 - 24.04.2018

A highly-rated sci-fi drama and thriller series The 100 firstly hit the small screen in the USA in March 2014. The original and cutting-edge television post-apocalyptic program comes from a creative effortе of the giant Warner Bros. Television alongside CBS Television Studios and Alloy Entertainment; and executive producers Jason Rothenberg, Leslie Morgenstein, Gina Girolamo and Elizabeth Craft. The highly-rated drama series is currently broadcast on the CW channel in America and after garnering enormous success in the U.S.A. The 100 was soon available in Australia, Britain and New Zealand.

The storyline of this nerve-wracking drama revolves around one hundred young criminals, who were exiled to a lifeless Earth after a nuclear Armageddon which had happened a century before. In the new environment, the offenders will face many disagreements and even rivalry within the group and have to ground new order on the planet that has changed considerably over the century.

A season 3 of The100 debuted in America in January 2016 and contained 16 episodes, each lasting for an hour. After suffering the combat with Mount Weather and fighting to adapt to their new state of normalcy, the young people will have to pull themselves together so that to begin the fight for the humanity. The feedback from the viewers and critics got even better when compared to the initial season, which happens quite rarely, and the fans seem to enjoy the new plot twists and its abruptness. After just three episodes the post-apocalyptic drama is enjoying a 10% increase in viewership number compared to the previous season, drawing in more than 1.5 million fans. Moreover, the creator of the show hinted in one of the interviews that he already has a rough idea of where he wants the story to develop.



The 100 Season 3 Extended Trailer (2016) The CW Series

Episode Guide

Season 1

1Pilot19 Mar. 2014
2Earth Skills26 Mar. 2014
3Earth Kills2 Apr. 2014
4Murphy's Law9 Apr. 2014
5Twilight's Last Gleaming16 Apr. 2014
6His Sister's Keeper23 Apr. 2014
7Contents Under Pressure30 Apr. 2014
8Day Trip7 May 2014
9Unity Day14 May 2014
10I Am Become Death21 May 2014
11The Calm28 May 2014
12We Are Grounders: Part 14 Jun. 2014
13We Are Grounders: Part 211 Jun. 2014

Season 2

1The 4822 Oct. 2014
2Inclement Weather29 Oct. 2014
3Reapercussions5 Nov. 2014
4Many Happy Returns12 Nov. 2014
5Human Trials19 Nov. 2014
6Fog of War3 Dec. 2014
7Long Into an Abyss10 Dec. 2014
8Spacewalker17 Dec. 2014
9Remember Me21 Jan. 2015
10Survival of the Fittest28 Jan. 2015
11Coup de Grâce4 Feb. 2015
12Rubicon11 Feb. 2015
13Resurrection18 Feb. 2015
14Bodyguard of Lies25 Feb. 2015
15Blood Must Have Blood: Part 14 Mar. 2015
16Blood Must Have Blood: Part 211 Mar. 2015

Season 3

1Wanheda: Part 121 Jan. 2016
2Wanheda: Part 228 Jan. 2016
3Ye Who Enter Here4 Feb. 2016
4Watch the Thrones11 Feb. 2016
5Hakeldama18 Feb. 2016
6Bitter Harvest25 Feb. 2016
7Thirteen3 Mar. 2016
8Terms and Conditions10 Mar. 2016
9Stealing Fire31 Mar. 2016
10Fallen7 Apr. 2016
11Nevermore14 Apr. 2016
12Demons21 Apr. 2016
13Join or Die28 Apr. 2016
14Red Sky at Morning5 May 2016
15Perverse Instantiation: Part One12 May 2016
16Perverse Instantiation: Part Two19 May 2016

Season 4

1Echoes1 Feb. 2017
2Heavy Lies the Crown8 Feb. 2017
3The Four Horsemen15 Feb. 2017
4A Lie Guarded22 Feb. 2017
5The Tinder Box1 Mar. 2017
6We Will Rise15 Mar. 2017
7Gimme Shelter22 Mar. 2017
8God Complex29 Mar. 2017
9DNR26 Apr. 2017
10Die All, Die Merrily3 May 2017
11The Other Side10 May 2017
12The Chosen17 May 2017
13Praimfaya24 May 2017

Season 5

1Eden24 Apr. 2018
2Episode #5.22018
3Sleeping Giants2018
4Episode #5.42018
5Episode #5.52018
6Episode #5.62018
7Episode #5.72018
8Episode #5.82018
9Episode #5.92018
10Episode #5.102018
11Episode #5.112018
12Episode #5.122018
13Episode #5.132018

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