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The Carbonaro Effect is officially renewed for season 3
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Released The Carbonaro Effect - 29.03.2017

The Carbonaro Effect is an American trick series, which has been telecast on the truTV network since April 1, 2014. The hidden camera program is a product the Fields Entertainment and 11 Television production studios. These networks target at creating shows appealing to "funseekers," a young audience of both sexes who want television to give them such leisure time that surprises and amuses at the same time. The Carbonaro Effect comes from a creative effort of Simon Fields (South Beach Town) and Kevin Healey (Betty White's Off Their Rockers), who also perform as exec producers for the joke program.

The series is presented by Michael Carbonaro, a charmer by trade and a tricker in soul. Michael is known to the wide audience due to such TV projects as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Happily Divorced, The Newsroomand some others, including magician-themed ones. In every part of the program Michael Carbonaro demonstrates bewildering tricks and pranks on passer-byes in everyday situations, and all of that is fixed on hidden cameras.

Owing to the praising reception from the audience, demanding critics and good viewership numbers, The Carbonaro Effect was renewed for season 2 very soon after the first cycle was finished. Hopefully, this entertaining trick show will be on a roll for many further seasons.



The Carbonaro Effect - Is Everybody Ready for the Magic Show?

Episode Guide

Season 1

1Got the Bug Out15 May 2014
2A Problem with Chocolate Turtles and Seeds15 May 2014
3A Waddle, a Scratch...15 May 2014
4Just Smash It Out22 May 2014
5Out of Bounce29 May 2014
6Don't Freeze Me5 Jun. 2014
7The Lizard Law12 Jun. 2014
8It's a Makeshift19 Jun. 2014
9Green Friendly26 Jun. 2014
10Maybe It's the Echinacea?10 Jul. 2014
11Serious Déjà Vu17 Jul. 2014
12An Elevated Ferret Alert24 Jul. 2014
13Cause and Effect31 Jul. 2014
14Out of Control30 Oct. 2014
15This Is Not an Orange6 Nov. 2014
16Just During the Previews13 Nov. 2014
17In Case What?20 Nov. 2014
18A Faux Pas to Wear27 Nov. 2014
19Just a Milker4 Dec. 2014
20Suburban Pimp11 Dec. 2014
21Might Be Trippin'18 Dec. 2014
22An Awogami Is Ripe25 Dec. 2014
23Iguanasaurs1 Jan. 2015
24Galastical Morphin' Ranging Power Tents8 Jan. 2015
25Flash Melt15 Jan. 2015
26An Over-Grooming Situation22 Jan. 2015

Season 2

1Just Made History29 Jul. 2015
2Dangerously Drinkable5 Aug. 2015
3Japanese Waterless Folding Toilet12 Aug. 2015
4The Albino Corn Snake Viper Patrol19 Aug. 2015
5Amvox 7326 Aug. 2015
6Turn to Gold9 Sep. 2015
7Take the Mirror16 Sep. 2015
8Sierra Volcano23 Sep. 2015
9The Doughy Parts30 Sep. 2015
10That's Voodoo7 Oct. 2015
11Catch the Flu14 Oct. 2015
12Deep Space Air21 Oct. 2015
13Fishguise28 Oct. 2015
14EggShaq23 Mar. 2016
15Dead Man Walking30 Mar. 2016
16I Am Ogle Thorpe6 Apr. 2016
17The Framing Canon13 Apr. 2016
18Skull with a Flower Hat20 Apr. 2016
19Warthogs, WogHearts, and Hogwarts27 Apr. 2016
20A Positive Presence4 May 2016
21Top Priority of NASA18 May 2016
22Drone Care25 May 2016
23Sets Itself, Lights Itself1 Jun. 2016
24A Living Trilobite8 Jun. 2016
25House of Horrors15 Jun. 2016

Season 3

1Incredibly Unsettling1 Feb. 2017
2Holy Moly Mirror8 Feb. 2017
3Bro, They're Surrounding Us!15 Feb. 2017
8The Impractically Carbonaro Jokers' Effect29 Mar. 2017

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