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Greg Berlanti, Geoff Johns, Andrew Kreisberg
Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes
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Released The Flash - 18.12.2018

The Flash is an internationally popular superhero and sci-fi drama TV series available on The CW channel in America. The product of Warner Bros. Television, Bonanza Productions, Berlanti Productions, and DC Entertainment, The Flash premiered on The CW network in fall 2014.

The fantasy adventure series is inspired by the character of rapid superhero Flash from DC Comics. The Flash is a spin-off from The Arrow, another CW’s smash hit.

The adventure science fiction series tells the story of Barry Allen, who works as a medical examiner. He deals with complicated equipment and one day gets struck by flash. Barry falls into a coma and wakes up in nine months. It turns out that the lightning has changed Barry’s physics and he can move his body with super speed. Supported by his friends, Barry becomes “The Flash”.

In its premiere season, The Flash has become the most-watched CW’s series drawing in almost 3.85 million followers on TV and enjoying critical accolades. By date, the superhero has scored multiple nominations and was rewarded with 2015 People's Choice Award as Favorite New TV Drama and 2015 Saturn Awards as Best Superhero Adaption Television Series.

Thus, the renewal decision came as no surprise. The Flash season 3 release date is yet to be scheduled.



THE FLASH Season 3 Comic-Con Trailer (2016)

Episode Guide

Season 1

1Pilot7 Oct. 2014
2Fastest Man Alive14 Oct. 2014
3Things You Can't Outrun21 Oct. 2014
4Going Rogue28 Oct. 2014
5Plastique11 Nov. 2014
6The Flash Is Born18 Nov. 2014
7Power Outage25 Nov. 2014
8Flash vs. Arrow2 Dec. 2014
9The Man in the Yellow Suit9 Dec. 2014
10Revenge of the Rogues20 Jan. 2015
11The Sound and the Fury27 Jan. 2015
12Crazy for You3 Feb. 2015
13The Nuclear Man10 Feb. 2015
14Fallout17 Feb. 2015
15Out of Time17 Mar. 2015
16Rogue Time24 Mar. 2015
17Tricksters31 Mar. 2015
18All Star Team Up14 Apr. 2015
19Who Is Harrison Wells?21 Apr. 2015
20The Trap28 Apr. 2015
21Grodd Lives5 May 2015
22Rogue Air12 May 2015
23Fast Enough19 May 2015

Season 2

1The Man Who Saved Central City6 Oct. 2015
2Flash of Two Worlds13 Oct. 2015
3Family of Rogues20 Oct. 2015
4The Fury of Firestorm27 Oct. 2015
5The Darkness and the Light3 Nov. 2015
6Enter Zoom10 Nov. 2015
7Gorilla Warfare17 Nov. 2015
8Legends of Today1 Dec. 2015
9Running to Stand Still8 Dec. 2015
10Potential Energy19 Jan. 2016
11The Reverse-Flash Returns26 Jan. 2016
12Fast Lane2 Feb. 2016
13Welcome to Earth-29 Feb. 2016
14Escape from Earth-216 Feb. 2016
15King Shark23 Feb. 2016
16Trajectory22 Mar. 2016
17Flash Back29 Mar. 2016
18Versus Zoom19 Apr. 2016
19Back to Normal26 Apr. 2016
20Rupture3 May 2016
21The Runaway Dinosaur10 May 2016
22Invincible17 May 2016
23The Race of His Life24 May 2016

Season 3

1Flashpoint4 Oct. 2016
2Paradox11 Oct. 2016
3Magenta18 Oct. 2016
4The New Rogues25 Oct. 2016
5Monster1 Nov. 2016
6Shade15 Nov. 2016
7Killer Frost22 Nov. 2016
8Invasion!29 Nov. 2016
9The Present6 Dec. 2016
10Borrowing Problems from the Future24 Jan. 2017
11Dead or Alive31 Jan. 2017
12Untouchable7 Feb. 2017
13Attack on Gorilla City21 Feb. 2017
14Attack on Central City28 Feb. 2017
15The Wrath of Savitar7 Mar. 2017
16Into the Speed Force14 Mar. 2017
17Duet21 Mar. 2017
18Abra Kadabra28 Mar. 2017
19The Once and Future Flash25 Apr. 2017
20I Know Who You Are2 May 2017
21Cause and Effect9 May 2017
22Infantino Street16 May 2017
23Finish Line23 May 2017

Season 4

1Episode #4.12017
9Episode #4.918 Dec. 2018

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