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Released The Last Man on Earth - 07.01.2018

The Last Man on Earth is a highly acclaimed cross-over between comedy and sci-fi program, airing on the FOX channel since spring 2015. The series is a brainchild of Will Forte, who also portrays the main personage in the series – Phil Miller.

The storyline of the post-apocalyptic series is set in 2020 after a strange virus having destroyed the human race. The ordinary man Phil, the survivor, is sure he is the only one left. He attempts to find other humans, who have managed to stay alive, but fails. One day, exhausted and desperate, Phil is about to commit suicide, when he spots a smoke signal.

The 10-part second chapter of The Last Man on Earth released in September 2015 and attracted about 4 million followers. Even after a considerable ratings fall of season 2, when compared to the initial run, the comedy series is still popular among viewers and garnered rave criticism and several awards in 2015. After delivering 4.3 million followers in season 2, The Last Man on Earth is a name to survive among the recent bloodbath of ubiquitous programs’ cancelation.

The third run of the hilarious post-apocalyptic series premiered in the US on September 25, 2016 and continued telling the engaging story of the survivors.



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Episode Guide

Season 1

1Alive in Tucson1 Mar. 2015
2The Elephant in the Room1 Mar. 2015
3Raisin Balls and Wedding Bells8 Mar. 2015
4Sweet Melissa15 Mar. 2015
5Dunk the Skunk22 Mar. 2015
6Some Friggin' Fat Dude22 Mar. 2015
7She Drives Me Crazy29 Mar. 2015
8Mooovin' In29 Mar. 2015
9The Do-Over12 Apr. 2015
10Pranks for Nothin'12 Apr. 2015
11Moved to Tampa19 Apr. 2015
12The Tandyman Can26 Apr. 2015
13Screw the Moon3 May 2015

Season 2

1Is There Anybody Out There?27 Sep. 2015
2The Boo4 Oct. 2015
3Dead Man Walking11 Oct. 2015
4C to the T18 Oct. 2015
5Crickets25 Oct. 2015
6A Real Live Wire8 Nov. 2015
7Baby Steps15 Nov. 2015
8No Bull22 Nov. 2015
9Secret Santa6 Dec. 2015
10Silent Night13 Dec. 2015
11Pitch Black6 Mar. 2016
12Valhalla13 Mar. 2016
13Fish in the Dish3 Apr. 2016
14Skidmark10 Apr. 2016
15Fourth Finger17 Apr. 2016
16Falling Slowly24 Apr. 2016
17Smart and Stupid8 May 2016
1830 Years of Science Down the Tubes15 May 2016

Season 3

1General Breast Theme with Cobras25 Sep. 2016
2The Wild Guess Express2 Oct. 2016
3You're All Going to Diet16 Oct. 2016
4Five Hoda Kotbs23 Oct. 2016
5The Power of Power6 Nov. 2016
6The Open-Ended Nature of Unwitnessed Deaths13 Nov. 2016
7Mama's Hideaway20 Nov. 2016
8Whitney Houston, We Have a Problem4 Dec. 2016
9If You're Happy and You Know It11 Dec. 2016
10Got Milk?5 Mar. 2017
11The Spirit of St. Lewis12 Mar. 2017
12Hair of the Dog19 Mar. 2017
13Find This Thing We Need To26 Mar. 2017
14Point Person Knows Best2 Apr. 2017
15Name 20 Picnics... Now!23 Apr. 2017
16The Big Day30 Apr. 2017
17When the Going Gets Tough7 May 2017
18Nature's Horchata7 May 2017

Season 4

1M.U.B.A.R.1 Oct. 2017
2Stocko Syndome8 Oct. 2017
3Skeleton Crew15 Oct. 2017
4Wisconsin22 Oct. 2017
5La Abuela5 Nov. 2017
6Double Cheeseburger12 Nov. 2017
7Gender Friender19 Nov. 2017
8Not Appropriate For Miners3 Dec. 2017
9Episode #4.97 Jan. 2018
10Episode #4.1014 Jan. 2018

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