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John Rogers
Christian Kane, Lindy Booth, Rebecca Romijn, John Harlan Kim
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Released The Librarians - 20.12.2017

The Librarians is another American adventure drama TV series that is currently broadcast on the TNT network. A collaborate effort between Kung Fu Monkey Productions and Electric Entertainment, a ten-part initial season of The Librarians premiered in December 2014.

The action packed series is a sequel to the storyline from the feature movie The Librarian. Knowledge is power, and now the librarian Flynn Carsen guards unique artifacts from villains, who can use them to the detriment. In the series, Flynn is a part of a group of four chosen librarians, who set out to protect mankind from supernatural forces and save invaluable artifacts.

Just like the initial season of The Librarians, the second one, which was released on November 1, included ten one-hour parts. After the successful run of season 1, the beginning of season 2 attracted almost 4 million viewers per episode. Not every show gains such a strong result, but for demanding TNT producers it is not enough. However, after cancelation of some other of its series, The Librarians started to fare better until recent episodes.

The original adventure and fantasy series has been renewed for a third season, which might seem a bit unexpected, because the latest episodes failed to attract 2.5 million viewers. Hopefully, season 3 of The Librarians will not be a final one.



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Episode Guide

Season 1

1And the Crown of King Arthur7 Dec. 2014
2And the Sword in the Stone7 Dec. 2014
3And the Horns of a Dilemma14 Dec. 2014
4And Santa's Midnight Run21 Dec. 2014
5And the Apple of Discord28 Dec. 2014
6And the Fables of Doom4 Jan. 2015
7And the Rule of Three11 Jan. 2015
8And the Heart of Darkness11 Jan. 2015
9And the City of Light18 Jan. 2015
10And the Loom of Fate18 Jan. 2015

Season 2

1And the Drowned Book1 Nov. 2015
2And the Broken Staff1 Nov. 2015
3And What Lies Beneath the Stones8 Nov. 2015
4And the Cost of Education15 Nov. 2015
5And the Hollow Men22 Nov. 2015
6And the Infernal Contract29 Nov. 2015
7And the Image of Image6 Dec. 2015
8And the Point of Salvation13 Dec. 2015
9And the Happily Ever Afters20 Dec. 2015
10And the Final Curtain27 Dec. 2015

Season 3

1And the Rise of Chaos20 Nov. 2016
2And the Fangs of Death27 Nov. 2016
3And the Reunion of Evil4 Dec. 2016
4And the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy11 Dec. 2016
5And the Tears of a Clown18 Dec. 2016
6And the Trial of the Triangle25 Dec. 2016
7And the Curse of Cindy1 Jan. 2017
8And the Eternal Question8 Jan. 2017
9And the Fatal Separation15 Jan. 2017
10And the Wrath of Chaos22 Jan. 2017

Season 4

1And The Dark Secret13 Dec. 2017
2And the Christmas Thief13 Dec. 2017
3And the Silver Screen20 Dec. 2017
4And the Steal of Fortune20 Dec. 2017
5Episode #4.52017
6And the Graves of Time-
7Episode #4.7Feb. 2018
8Episode #4.82018
9Episode #4.92018
12Episode #4.122018

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