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The Lion Guard is officially renewed for season 2
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Ford Riley
Max Charles, Joshua Rush, Diamond White, Atticus Shaffer
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Released Date The Lion Guard season 2

Episode 16









Released The Lion Guard - 11.01.2018

The Lion Guard is American animation series for families and children coming from the production studios Disney Television Animation and Lioness Productions, which is telecast on Disney Junior and Disney Channel in the United States. The Lion Guard is inspired by 1994 hit animated feature film The Lion King. A movie event The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar in November 2015 preceded the debut of the series, which came out in the US in January 2016.

Continuing to tell the heartbreaking story of the feature movie, The Lion Guard revolves around Simba's son, Kion. His sister, Kiara, is set to lead the Pride Lands, while Kion himself is destined to lead the Lion Guard.

The premiere chapter of The Lion Guard amounts to eight episodes, including the pilot one. The Lion King’s spin-off became a huge success, having brought in more than 50 million viewers, which is an exceptional result. The first episode of the series averaged about 1.3 million viewers. Not as high as the movie, but The Lion Guard’s storyline developed and the ratings continued to grow up to 1.5 million viewers in the first season. The critical reviews have been praising, and the show only holds 6.9 out of 10 on IMDB. However, the graphics are fascinating, the characters are different and the stories are very involving. So, the expectations for The Lion Guard have been pretty high from the very beginning.



The Lion Guard - New Series Trailer

Episode Guide

Season 1

1The Rise of Makuu15 Jan. 2016
2Never Judge a Hyena by Its Spots15 Jan. 2016
3Bunga the Wise22 Jan. 2016
4Can't Wait to Be Queen29 Jan. 2016
5Eye of the Beholder5 Feb. 2016
6The Kupatana Celebration12 Feb. 2016
7Fuli's New Family19 Feb. 2016
8The Search for Utamu26 Feb. 2016
9Follow That Hippo18 Mar. 2016
10The Call of the Drongo25 Mar. 2016
11Painting and Predictions1 Apr. 2016
12The Mbali Fields Migration22 Apr. 2016
13Bunga and the King29 Apr. 2016
14The Imaginary Okapi8 Jul. 2016
15Too Many Termites15 Jul. 2016
16The Trouble with Galagos5 Aug. 2016
17Janja's New Crew28 Aug. 2016
18Baboons!23 Sep. 2016
19Beware the Zimwi14 Oct. 2016
20Lions of the Outlands11 Nov. 2016
21Never Roar Again18 Nov. 2016
22The Lost Gorillas2 Dec. 2016
23The Trail to Udugu6 Jan. 2017
24Ono's Idol24 Feb. 2017
25Beshte and the Hippo Lanes17 Mar. 2017
26Ono the Tickbird21 Apr. 2017

Season 2

1Babysitter Bunga7 Jul. 2017
2The Savannah Summit7 Jul. 2017
3The Traveling Baboon Show14 Jul. 2017
4Ono and the Egg21 Jul. 2017
5The Rise of Scar29 Jul. 2017
6Let Sleeping Crocs Lie11 Aug. 2017
7Swept Away15 Sep. 2017
8Rafiki's New Neighbors22 Sep. 2017
9Rescue in the Outlands29 Sep. 2017
10The Ukumbusho Tradition27 Oct. 2017
11The Bite of Kenge3 Nov. 2017
12Timon and Pumbaa's Christmas8 Dec. 2017
13The Morning Report8 Jan. 2018
14The Golden Zebra9 Jan. 2018
15The Little Guy10 Jan. 2018
16Divide and Conquer11 Jan. 2018
17Episode #2.172018
24The Underground Adventure2017

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