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Released - 13.12.2017

The Next Step is another addition to the list of popular Canadian drama series, made for young adults and teenagers (Make it Pop, Lost & Found Music Studios, others). The program premiered on March 8, 2013 on Family Channel.

The Next Step is a scripted program, done in a form of a real-life series, which follows a group of young dancers of the studio The Next Step. They prepare for a regional competition and balance their personal and dancing lives.

Season 1 of The Next Step attracted 0.5 million viewers in average, and the ratings fell down a bit during further installments. But despite the mediocre viewership numbers, the program has garnered a loyal fan club and many positive reviews, which all together helped the long-running series remain on air. For example, the demanding critics trophied the scripted show three Canadian Screen Awards for Best Cross-Platform Project, Best Performance in a Children's or Youth Program or Series and Best Editing in 1/2 Hour Broadcast Short Form alongside other wins and nominations in 2014, 2015 and 2017, among other wins and nominations the series enjoyed. Hopefully, it will be enough for the series to get another greenlight decision from the producers.



Season 4: Second Half Extended Trailer - The Next Step

Episode Guide

Season 1

1Get the Party Started8 Mar. 2013
2Everybody Dance Now12 Mar. 2013
3Dance, Dance13 Mar. 2013
4Rock and a Hard Place14 Mar. 2013
5Steal My Sunshine15 Mar. 2013
6Good Girls Go Bad22 Mar. 2013
7Love Story19 Apr. 2013
8Just the Two of Us26 Apr. 2013
9Video Killed the Radio Star3 May 2013
10Road to Joy10 May 2013
11Can You Keep a Secret?17 May 2013
12Get It Together24 May 2013
13Don't Go Breaking My Heart31 May 2013
14Sabotage7 Jun. 2013
15Changes20 Sep. 2013
16Help27 Sep. 2013
17Forget You4 Oct. 2013
18Brand New11 Oct. 2013
19First Date18 Oct. 2013
20We Are Family25 Oct. 2013
21Break Stuff1 Nov. 2013
22Come Back... Be Here8 Nov. 2013
23Dancing in the Street15 Nov. 2013
24Price Tag22 Nov. 2013
25Bad Moon Rising29 Nov. 2013
26Can't Fight This Feeling6 Dec. 2013
27I'm So Excited13 Dec. 2013
28Fancy Footwork20 Dec. 2013
29This Is How We Do It27 Dec. 2013
30Winner Takes All3 Jan. 2014

Season 2

1Don't Stop the Party7 Mar. 2014
2My Boyfriend's Back7 Mar. 2014
3Ready to Start7 Mar. 2014
4The Final Cut14 Mar. 2014
5The Girl Is Mine14 Mar. 2014
6Work It21 Mar. 2014
7It Takes Two28 Mar. 2014
8What I'll Do4 Apr. 2014
9Never Enough11 Apr. 2014
10I Hope I Get It18 Apr. 2014
11Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better25 Apr. 2014
12Time to Move On2 May 2014
13The Truth Comes Out9 May 2014
14Sing16 May 2014
15You're the One That I Want23 May 2014
16Hazy Shade of Winter30 May 2014
17Game On6 Jun. 2014
18Make a Plan to Love Me12 Sep. 2014
19Sacrifice19 Sep. 2014
20Heartbreaker26 Sep. 2014
21Hello Trouble3 Oct. 2014
22Lost10 Oct. 2014
23Better Than This17 Oct. 2014
24Under Pressure24 Oct. 2014
25Just Dance7 Nov. 2014
26Water It14 Nov. 2014
27Run This Town21 Nov. 2014
28Re-Match28 Nov. 2014
29Old Friends5 Dec. 2014
30I Don't Know12 Dec. 2014
31What Are You Waiting For?19 Dec. 2014
32You Love Me26 Dec. 2014
33Rewind2 Jan. 2015
34What Dreamers Do (Extended)13 Mar. 2015

Season 3

1Coming Home?16 Mar. 2015
2Game, Set and Match16 Mar. 2015
3Secrets17 Mar. 2015
4Let the Games Begin18 Mar. 2015
5The Fallout19 Mar. 2015
6The Times They Are a Changin'20 Mar. 2015
7Your New Beginning23 Mar. 2015
8I'm Your Captain24 Mar. 2015
9The Nutcracker Prince25 Mar. 2015
10Can't Fight This Feeling26 Mar. 2015
11Marry Me27 Mar. 2015
12Do the Right Thing30 Mar. 2015
13Put You First31 Mar. 2015
14I Hope I Get It1 Apr. 2015
15The New Girl in Town2 Apr. 2015
16Sweet Spot11 Sep. 2015
17Square Dance11 Sep. 2015
18Mixed Messages18 Sep. 2015
19Never There25 Sep. 2015
20Cry Me a River2 Oct. 2015
21Today I'm Getting Over You9 Oct. 2015
22It's My Party16 Oct. 2015
23Welcome to Miami23 Oct. 2015
24Lost at Sea30 Oct. 2015
25When the War Is Over6 Nov. 2015
26We Are the World13 Nov. 2015
27Blind20 Nov. 2015
28Turn, Turn, Turn27 Nov. 2015
29She's Not You4 Dec. 2015
30How It Ends11 Dec. 2015

Season 4

1One More Time15 Feb. 2016
2Stir It Up19 Feb. 2016
3Heads Will Roll26 Feb. 2016
4Welcome to the Jungle4 Mar. 2016
5Square One11 Mar. 2016
6London Calling18 Mar. 2016
7Walk This Way25 Mar. 2016
8Runaway1 Apr. 2016
9Dancing with Myself8 Apr. 2016
10Simple Twist of Fate15 Apr. 2016
11On the Rocks22 Apr. 2016
12Knowing Me, Knowing You29 Apr. 2016
13The Game Belongs to Me6 May 2016
14I Can't Go for That13 May 2016
15I Only Have Eyes for You20 May 2016
16Love Will Tear Us Apart27 May 2016
17Nobody's Fault But Mine3 Jun. 2016
18Your Time Is Gonna Come10 Jun. 2016
19How Deep Is Your Love?17 Jun. 2016
20Heat of the Moment24 Jun. 2016
21Kiss and Tell14 Oct. 2016
22Rumour Has It21 Oct. 2016
23Here Comes Your Man28 Oct. 2016
24Tainted Love4 Nov. 2016
25A Fool in Love11 Nov. 2016
26Come Together18 Nov. 2016
27Karma Police25 Nov. 2016
28Only You25 Nov. 2016
29Danger Zone2 Dec. 2016
30Rivalry9 Dec. 2016
31Nobody's Perfect16 Dec. 2016
32Shake It Off17 Mar. 2017
33It Ain't Easy24 Mar. 2017
34Bold as Love31 Mar. 2017
35Taking Care of Business7 Apr. 2017
36The Edge of Glory14 Apr. 2017
37Even Better Than the Real Thing21 Apr. 2017
38Don't Stop Me Now28 Apr. 2017
39Livin' on a Prayer5 May 2017
40A Change Is Gonna Come12 May 2017

Season 5

1A New Regime26 May 2017
2Go West, Young Michelle2 Jun. 2017
3Dance, Lies and Hoverboards9 Jun. 2017
4Leon Me16 Jun. 2017
5It's All Fun and Games23 Jun. 2017
6No Good Deed7 Jul. 2017
7Heathers14 Jul. 2017
812 Hour Party People21 Jul. 2017
9A Tale of Two Eldons28 Jul. 2017
10United and Divided11 Aug. 2017
11East Meets West13 Oct. 2017
12Brave New World20 Oct. 2017
13TNS: Civil War27 Oct. 2017
14Stand Together or Fall Apart3 Nov. 2017
15This Changes Everything8 Nov. 2017
16Stand and Deliver15 Nov. 2017
17Oh Brother! Why Art Thou Here?22 Nov. 2017
18I Have a Vision29 Nov. 2017
19Snap Decision6 Dec. 2017
20Pointe of No Return13 Dec. 2017