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The Originals is officially renewed for season 4
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Julie Plec
Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Phoebe Tonkin, Charles Michael Davis
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Released Date The Originals season 5

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Released The Originals - 30.11.2017

The Originals is another name among CW’s popular supernatural drama series. It is a spin-off from The Vampire Diaries, produced by the same creative team and airing since fall 2013.

The plot of The Originals takes place in New Orleans and follows the first vampires on the Earth, who are thousand year old – Klaus, Elijah and Rebecca. They come to the city they have founded in order to dominate it again.

The latest season 3 of the horror mystery series came out in October of 2015 and consisted of twenty-two one-hour parts, just like other seasons of the program. The Originals has got praising reviews from the audience, and it is well reflected in the ratings: chapter 1 has attracted about 2.6 million viewers, though the ratings were decreasing later till the mark of 1 million.

Despite such a weak performance of the third installment, the series is still holding a strong 8.3/10 in IMDb, based on almost 75 thousand reviews, which alone goes to show the level of The Originals’ popularity. Hopefully, the experienced creative team will find a way to attract more viewers of the original award-winning series, and the viewership numbers will be mushrooming in cycle 4, which starts in early 2017.




Episode Guide

Season 1

1Always and Forever3 Oct. 2013
2House of the Rising Son8 Oct. 2013
3Tangled Up in Blue15 Oct. 2013
4Girl in New Orleans22 Oct. 2013
5Sinners and Saints29 Oct. 2013
6Fruit of the Poisoned Tree5 Nov. 2013
7Bloodletting12 Nov. 2013
8The River in Reverse26 Nov. 2013
9Reigning Pain in New Orleans3 Dec. 2013
10The Casket Girls14 Jan. 2014
11Après Moi, Le Déluge21 Jan. 2014
12Dance Back from the Grave28 Jan. 2014
13Crescent City4 Feb. 2014
14Long Way Back from Hell25 Feb. 2014
15Le Grand Guignol4 Mar. 2014
16Farewell to Storyville11 Mar. 2014
17Moon Over Bourbon Street18 Mar. 2014
18The Big Uneasy15 Apr. 2014
19An Unblinking Death22 Apr. 2014
20A Closer Walk with Thee29 Apr. 2014
21The Battle of New Orleans6 May 2014
22From a Cradle to a Grave13 May 2014

Season 2

1Rebirth6 Oct. 2014
2Alive and Kicking13 Oct. 2014
3Every Mother's Son20 Oct. 2014
4Live and Let Die27 Oct. 2014
5Red Door3 Nov. 2014
6Wheel Inside the Wheel10 Nov. 2014
7Chasing the Devil's Tail17 Nov. 2014
8The Brothers That Care Forgot24 Nov. 2014
9The Map of Moments8 Dec. 2014
10Gonna Set Your Flag on Fire19 Jan. 2015
11Brotherhood of the Damned26 Jan. 2015
12Sanctuary2 Feb. 2015
13The Devil Is Damned9 Feb. 2015
14I Love You, Goodbye16 Feb. 2015
15They All Asked for You9 Mar. 2015
16Save My Soul16 Mar. 2015
17Exquisite Corpse6 Apr. 2015
18Night Has a Thousand Eyes13 Apr. 2015
19When the Levee Breaks20 Apr. 2015
20City Beneath the Sea27 Apr. 2015
21Fire with Fire4 May 2015
22Ashes to Ashes11 May 2015

Season 3

1For the Next Millennium8 Oct. 2015
2You Hung the Moon15 Oct. 2015
3I'll See You in Hell or New Orleans22 Oct. 2015
4A Walk on the Wild Side29 Oct. 2015
5The Axeman's Letter5 Nov. 2015
6Beautiful Mistake12 Nov. 2015
7Out of the Easy19 Nov. 2015
8The Other Girl in New Orleans3 Dec. 2015
9Savior10 Dec. 2015
10A Ghost Along the Mississippi29 Jan. 2016
11Wild at Heart5 Feb. 2016
12Dead Angels12 Feb. 2016
13Heart Shaped Box19 Feb. 2016
14A Streetcar Named Desire26 Feb. 2016
15An Old Friend Calls4 Mar. 2016
16Alone with Everybody1 Apr. 2016
17Behind the Black Horizon8 Apr. 2016
18The Devil Comes Here and Sighs15 Apr. 2016
19No More Heartbreaks29 Apr. 2016
20Where Nothing Stays Buried6 May 2016
21Give 'Em Hell Kid13 May 2016
22The Bloody Crown20 May 2016

Season 4

1Gather Up the Killers17 Mar. 2017
2No Quarter24 Mar. 2017
3Haunter of Ruins31 Mar. 2017
4Keepers of the House7 Apr. 2017
5I Hear You Knocking14 Apr. 2017
6Bag of Cobras28 Apr. 2017
7High Water and a Devil's Daughter5 May 2017
8Voodoo in My Blood12 May 2017
9Queen Death19 May 2017
10Phantomesque2 Jun. 2017
11A Spirit Here That Won't Be Broken9 Jun. 2017
12Voodoo Child16 Jun. 2017
13The Feast of All Sinners23 Jun. 2017

Season 5

1Where You Left Your Heart2018
2One Wrong Turn on Bourbon2018
3Ne Me Quitte Pas2018
4Episode #5.42018
5Episode #5.52018
6Episode #5.62018
7Episode #5.72018
8Episode #5.82018
9Episode #5.92018
10Episode #5.102018
11Episode #5.112018
12Episode #5.122018
13Episode #5.132018

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