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Released The Profit - 10.11.2015

The Profit is a popular reality show that is broadcast on CNBC in the United States. The television series is a creative effort of Machete Productions and executive producers Amber Mazzola and Curnal Achilles Aulisio. The initial round of the program debuted on the CNBC channel in July 2013 and contained six episodes.

The Profit revolves around Marcus Lemonis, real-life head of a multi-billion dollar company, Camping World. Since the past decade he’s profitably dealt with more than100 companies. In each part of the show he makes struggling businesses an offer, impossible to refuse; his cash investment and expertise in exchange for a share of the company ownership and of the profits.

The 18-part sophomore season of The Profit came out in winter 2014 and mushroomed the ratings up to +115% - and the show was launched for a third round, which came out on the CNBC network the next year. The debut episode showed Mike and Scott Ciprari who set off and transformed their small business into a million-dollar one, but the struggle between them forced Scott to leave Mike in charge and the company in free fall. It comes as no surprise that the program will be continued for another run season, because of exceptional viewership number of the program that continues to draw in around 700 thousand fans per episode. In April 2016 the CNBC channel announced that a fourth season of The Profit was scheduled to premiere on August 23, 2016. The netx Profit's season will include some of returning favorites, like Jay Leno’s Garage and West Texas Investors Club alongside a few new participants. So, Marcus Lemonis will be back to rescue unprofitable companies.



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Episode Guide

Season 1

1Car Cash30 Jul. 2013
2Maarse Florists6 Aug. 2013
3Planet Popcorn13 Aug. 2013
4Eco-Me20 Aug. 2013
5LA Dogworks27 Aug. 2013
6Mr. Green Tea3 Sep. 2013
9Season Finale27 Aug. 2013

Season 2

1Athans Motors25 Feb. 2014
2A. Stein Butchers4 Mar. 2014
3Michael Sena's Pro-Fit11 Mar. 2014
4Worldwide Trailer Sales, Inc25 Mar. 2014
5Skullduggery25 Mar. 2014
6Sweet Pete's1 May 2013
7Amazing Grapes8 Apr. 2014
8Key West Key Lime Pie Shoppe15 Apr. 2014
9COURAGE. b14 Oct. 2014
10Artistic Stitch21 Oct. 2014
11Swanson's Fish Market28 Oct. 2014
12Unique Salon and Spa4 Nov. 2014
13West End Coffee Company11 Nov. 2014
14Coopersburg Sports18 Nov. 2014
15Shuler's BBQ25 Nov. 2014
16ASL Signs & Service2 Dec. 2014
17My Big Fat Greek Gyro9 Dec. 2014
18A Progress Report16 Dec. 2014

Season 3

1SJC Drums12 May 2015
2After the Deal19 May 2015
3Tonnie's Minis26 May 2015
4Standard Burger2 Jun. 2015
5Fuelfood16 Jun. 2015
6Grafton Furniture23 Jun. 2015
7Precise Graphix30 Jun. 2015
8The Lano Company7 Jul. 2015
9A Progress Report #314 Jul. 2015
11Blues Jean Bar10 Nov. 2015
12Kensington Garden Rooms-
13Da Lobsta-
14Showdown at Standard Burger-
16Kota Longboards-
17Vision Quest-
18Inkkas Shoes-
19240 Sweets-
20Farmgirl Flowers-
21Mr. Green Tea 2-
22Progress Report 4-

Season 4

1Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour Restaurants23 Aug. 2016
2DiLascia30 Aug. 2016
3The Soup Market6 Sep. 2016
4Flex Watches13 Sep. 2016
5Honest Foods20 Sep. 2016
6Murchison-Hume27 Sep. 2016
7Pacific Hospitality4 Oct. 2016
8Tea2Go11 Oct. 2016
9Bowery Kitchen Supplies18 Oct. 2016
10Los Gemelos22 Nov. 2016
11Susana Monaco29 Nov. 2016

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