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The Simpsons season 30 broadcast
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22 min
James L. Brooks, Matt Groening, Sam Simon
Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith
English, Spanish, Albanian, French, Japanese, German, Russian, Hindi, Swahili, Italian, Swedish, Turkish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Hebrew, Arabic, Klingon
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Released Date The Simpsons season 28

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Released The Simpsons - 11.03.2018

Dooh! How long have the Simpsons been on the small screen? This cult yellow-character animated comedy for adults was created by Matt Groening and developed by him and James L. Brooks and Sam Simon. Several production companies bought the rights for the series: Gracie Films (1989-present), 20th Century Fox Television and Film Roman. So the hilarious and heartwarming but irony-packed series first hit the small screen on December 17, 1989.

The action of The Simpsons takes place in Springfield, an ordinary American town. Everyone knows that the Simpsons family consists of fathead Homer, his wonderful wife Marge and their kids – hooligan Bart, brainy Lisa, and toddler Maggie. And through the daily mishaps of this family the creators make satire and parody on an average American middle class mode of life. The most-watched animated series ever raises such important issues as career, love and family, religion and education, neighborhood problems and lots of others. What makes the series more exciting to watch is good humor, original storyline and celebrities’ regular visits.

In the year of the series premiere, The Simpsons attracted about 30 million viewers, which is exceptional, but from season to season the viewership counts were falling down to 4 million. However, the series has garnered 286 nominations and more than 160 awards, which reflects critical praises as well.



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Episode Guide

Season 30

1Episode #30.12018

Season 29

1The Serfsons1 Oct. 2017
2Springfield Splendor8 Oct. 2017
3Whistler's Father15 Oct. 2017
4Treehouse of Horror XXVIII22 Oct. 2017
5Grampy Can Ya Hear Me5 Nov. 2017
6The Old Blue Mayor She Ain't What She Used To Be12 Nov. 2017
7Singin' in the Lane19 Nov. 2017
8Mr. Lisa's Opus3 Dec. 2017
9Gone Boy10 Dec. 2017
10Haw-Haw Land7 Jan. 2018
11Frink Gets Testy14 Jan. 2018
12Homer is Where the Art Isn't11 Mar. 2018
133 Scenes Plus a Tag from a Marriage18 Mar. 2018
21Heartbreak Hotel13 May 2018

Season 28

1Monty Burns' Fleeing Circus25 Sep. 2016
2Friends and Family2 Oct. 2016
3The Town9 Oct. 2016
4Treehouse of Horror XXVII16 Oct. 2016
5Trust But Clarify23 Oct. 2016
6There Will Be Buds6 Nov. 2016
7Havana Wild Weekend13 Nov. 2016
8Dad Behavior20 Nov. 2016
9The Last Traction Hero4 Dec. 2016
10The Nightmare After Krustmas11 Dec. 2016
11Pork and Burns8 Jan. 2017
12The Great Phatsby: Part 115 Jan. 2017
13The Great Phatsby: Part 215 Jan. 2017
14Fatzcarraldo12 Feb. 2017
15The Cad and the Hat19 Feb. 2017
16Kamp Krustier5 Mar. 2017
1722 for 3012 Mar. 2017
18A Father's Watch19 Mar. 2017
19The Caper Chase2 Apr. 2017
20Looking for Mr. Goodbart30 Apr. 2017
21Moho House7 May 2017
22Dogtown21 May 2017

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