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The Strain season 4 to premiere in 2017
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43 min
Guillermo del Toro, Chuck Hogan
Corey Stoll, David Bradley, Kevin Durand, Richard Sammel
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Released The Strain - 17.09.2017

The Strain is a popular horror vampire drama series that has been successfully broadcast on the FX channel since summer 2014. The action packed TV series is inspired by the best-seller trilogy of the same name, which is a brainchild of Chuck Hogan and Guillermo del Toro. Production studios Double Dare You, FX Productions, and Carlton Cuse Productions are also behind the series creation.

The Strain tells the story of an epidemy control group that is summoned in to investigate the mysterious case when a plane lands with the light switched off and the doors and hatches closed in the Big Apple airport with two hundred cadaver people and four survivals on board. They soon find out that the bodies disappear from the morgue and a viral epidemy, that could destroy the human race, has started.

The Strain is the most highly-rated series debut in FX channel's history with almost 3 million fan club. The sophomore season including 13 episodes appeared on the small US screen in July 2015.

Only after 4 parts of the second season the FX made decision to renew the horror drama The Strain for another run. Even though season 2 was delivering 1.53 million viewers, The Strain remains one of the network’s best-rated shows, and the news about the next installment came as no surprise.

An ongoing chapter of the nerve-wracking thriller vampire series contains 10 episodes and it started airing on August 28, 2016. When new series premiere, the NY city is a terrible place for combat having been left by the officials and left to defend itself.



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Episode Guide

Season 1

1Night Zero13 Jul. 2014
2The Box20 Jul. 2014
3Gone Smooth27 Jul. 2014
4It's Not for Everyone3 Aug. 2014
5Runaways10 Aug. 2014
6Occultation17 Aug. 2014
7For Services Rendered24 Aug. 2014
8Creatures of the Night31 Aug. 2014
9The Disappeared7 Sep. 2014
10Loved Ones14 Sep. 2014
11The Third Rail21 Sep. 2014
12Last Rites28 Sep. 2014
13The Master5 Oct. 2014

Season 2

1BK, NY12 Jul. 2015
2By Any Means19 Jul. 2015
3Fort Defiance26 Jul. 2015
4The Silver Angel2 Aug. 2015
5Quick and Painless9 Aug. 2015
6Identity16 Aug. 2015
7The Born23 Aug. 2015
8Intruders30 Aug. 2015
9Battle for Red Hook6 Sep. 2015
10The Assassin13 Sep. 2015
11Dead End20 Sep. 2015
12Fallen Light27 Sep. 2015
13The Night Train4 Oct. 2015

Season 3

1New York Strong28 Aug. 2016
2Bad White4 Sep. 2016
3First Born11 Sep. 2016
4Gone But Not Forgotten18 Sep. 2016
5Madness25 Sep. 2016
6The Battle of Central Park2 Oct. 2016
7Collaborators9 Oct. 2016
8White Light16 Oct. 2016
9Do or Die23 Oct. 2016
10The Fall30 Oct. 2016

Season 4

1The Worm Turns16 Jul. 2017
2The Blood Tax23 Jul. 2017
3One Shot30 Jul. 2017
4New Horizons6 Aug. 2017
5Belly of the Beast13 Aug. 2017
6Tainted Love20 Aug. 2017
7Ouroboros27 Aug. 2017
8Extraction3 Sep. 2017
9The Traitor10 Sep. 2017
10The Last Stand17 Sep. 2017

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