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Released - 30.11.2017

The Thundermans is a widely popular superhero comedy series that comes from Nickelodeon and targets at the teenagers. The series, which is a brainchild of award-winner Jed Spingarn (Johnny Bravo, Jimmy Neutron, Celebrity Deathmatch), premiered in the US on October 14, 2013.

Who would refuse having superpowers? Definitely not two teenagers who got them from their parents. Phoebe and Max, a lucky 14-year-old twin duo, look like absolutely normal siblings: they go to school, live in the same house together, share a birthday and have common friends. But Phoebe has a heart of gold and chooses the good side, while Max has joins evil forces. As Nickelodeon puts it, the sister is a brilliant student with a super optimistic disposition who looks forward to being a superhero someday, and her twin bro is a super villain. And when the combat between them is mixed with the usual family and teenage problems, many funny incidents arise.

The Thundermans has enjoyed a number of wins and nominations since 2013 includingKids' Choice Awards, which the USA academy awarded it twice in the category Favorite TV Show. The series has ranked as the most-watched series, delivering more than 1 million viewers per episode.



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Episode Guide

Season 1

1Adventures in Supersitting14 Oct. 2013
2Phoebe vs. Max2 Nov. 2013
3Dinner Party9 Nov. 2013
4Report Card23 Nov. 2013
5Ditch Day23 Nov. 2013
6Weekend Guest7 Dec. 2013
7You Stole My Thunder, Man7 Dec. 2013
8This Looks Like a Job For...30 Nov. 2013
9Weird Science Fair4 Jan. 2014
10Crime After Crime11 Jan. 2014
11Going Wonkers11 Jan. 2014
12Restaurant Crashers15 Feb. 2014
13Thundersense15 Mar. 2014
14Phoebe's a Clone Now15 Mar. 2014
15Have an Ice Birthday22 Mar. 2014
16Nothing to Lose Sleepover26 Apr. 2014
17Pretty Little Choirs3 May 2014
18Paging Dr. Thundermans3 May 2014
19Up Up and Vacay31 May 2014
20Breaking Dad14 Jun. 2014

Season 2

1Thunder Van13 Sep. 2014
2Four Supes and a Baby20 Sep. 2014
3Max's Minions27 Sep. 2014
4Pheebs Will Rock You4 Oct. 2014
5Haunted Thundermans: Part 111 Oct. 2014
6Shred It Go1 Nov. 2014
7Blue Detective8 Nov. 2014
8Cheer and Present Danger15 Nov. 2014
9Change of Art22 Nov. 2014
10Winter Thunderland29 Nov. 2014
11Parents Just Don't Thunderstand24 Jan. 2015
12Meet the Evilmans23 Feb. 2015
13The Neverfriending Story24 Feb. 2015
14You've Got Fail25 Feb. 2015
15Doubles Trouble26 Feb. 2015
16Who's Your Mommy2 Mar. 2015
17The Amazing Rat Race3 Mar. 2015
18Mall Time Crooks4 Mar. 2015
19It's Not What You Link5 Mar. 2015
20Cape Fear9 Mar. 2015
21Call of Lunch Duty10 Mar. 2015
22One Hit Thunder11 Mar. 2015
23The Girl with the Dragon Snafu25 Mar. 2015
25A Hero Is Born28 Mar. 2015

Season 3

1Phoebe vs Max: The Sequel27 Jun. 2015
2On the Straight and Arrow11 Jul. 2015
3Why You Buggin'?18 Jul. 2015
4Exit Stage Theft25 Jul. 2015
5Are You Afraid of the Park?30 Sep. 2015
6Evil Never Sleeps7 Oct. 2015
7Doppel-Gamers14 Oct. 2015
8Floral Support21 Oct. 2015
9Patch Me If You Can28 Oct. 2015
10Give Me a Break Up4 Nov. 2015
11No Country for Old Mentors11 Nov. 2015
12Date Expectations18 Nov. 2015
13He Got Game Night13 Feb. 2016
14Kiss Me Nate2 Apr. 2016
15Dog Day After-School4 Jun. 2016
16Original Prankster11 Jun. 2016
17Chutes and Splatters25 Jun. 2016
18I'm Gonna Forget You, Sucka9 Jul. 2016
19Beat the Parents16 Jul. 2016
20Can't Spy Me Love23 Jul. 2016
21Robin Hood: Prince of Pheebs30 Jul. 2016
22Aunt Misbehavin'6 Aug. 2016
23Stealing Home13 Aug. 2016
24Back to School13 Aug. 2016
25Thundermans: Secret Revealed, Part 110 Oct. 2016
26Thundermans: Secret Revealed, Part 210 Oct. 2016

Season 4

1Happy Heroween22 Oct. 2016
2Thundermans: Banished!19 Nov. 2016
3Smells Like Team Spirit7 Jan. 2017
4Max to the Future14 Jan. 2017
5Better Off Wed21 Jan. 2017
6Parks & T-Rex28 Jan. 2017
7Date of Emergency4 Feb. 2017
8Orange Is the New Max18 Feb. 2017
9Ditch Perfect25 Feb. 2017
10May Z-Force Be with You4 Mar. 2017
1121 Dump Street3 Jun. 2017
12Super Dupers10 Jun. 2017
13Come What Mayhem17 Jun. 2017
14Thunder in Paradise: Part 124 Jun. 2017
15Thunder in Paradise: Part 224 Jun. 2017
16Save the Past Dance18 Nov. 2017
17Z's All That2018
18Significant Brother2018
20The Thunder Games: Part 12018
21The Thunder Games: Part 22018
23Nowhere to Slide2018
24Rhythm & Shoes2018
25Side-Kicking and Screaming2018
26Cookie Mistake2018
27Revenge of the Smith2018
28Mad Max Beyond Thunderhome2018
29The Thundredth2018
30Can't Hardly Date2018
31Make It Pop Pop2018
32All the President's Thunder-Men2018