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Timber Kings is officially renewed for season 4
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Released Timber Kings - 23.04.2017

Timber Kings is a popular Canadian reality show that features six experienced and muscular master log-smiths building unique and extravagant log homes around the world. Timber Kings came out on the small screen on January 5, 2014 on the HGTV channel.

The men featured in the program are extraordinary talents of art and craft, and their works are appreciated in more than 120 countries around the globe. The team transforms raw timber material into amazing structures to inhabit and they have become famous house-hold names.

The Timber Kings have been so successful in Canada that the program has acquired its own by-product show telling in-depth stories of the individual craftsmen involved in the show. Though there is no information about Timber Kings’ ratings, and it’s IMDb 78% score is based on less than a hundred votes, Timber Kings enjoys critical accolades and the series is still on a roll due to a little of construction drama behind the work and its high quality. It’s quite typical for such programs, as they do not target at huge masses, but at those, who are interested in the subject. Timber Kings’ loyal fan club like the fact that each of the workers is a strong individuality with his creativity and ingenuity. That makes their team work is so engaging to observe.



Timber Kings Season 3 Teaser

Episode Guide

Season 1

1Truck Overboard5 Jan. 2014
2Gone Fishing12 Jan. 2014
3Heir Apparent19 Jan. 2014
4Hard Hat & Home26 Jan. 2014
5Jolly Ole Island2 Feb. 2014
6Peter in a Pickle9 Feb. 2014
7Wilderness Retreat16 Feb. 2014
8German Efficiency23 Feb. 2014
9Arkansas Shuffle2 Mar. 2014
10The Boss Can Build9 Mar. 2014

Season 2

1Old Dog, New Tricks4 Jan. 2015
2Cold War11 Jan. 2015
3A Big Deal18 Jan. 2015
4Pig in Mud25 Jan. 2015
5High Rollers1 Feb. 2015
6Trial by Fire8 Feb. 2015
7Out on a Limb17 Feb. 2015
8Active Duty22 Feb. 2015
9Make a Mark1 Mar. 2015
10The Getaway8 Mar. 2015
11Great Expectations15 Mar. 2015
12Planes, Cranes and Automobiles22 Mar. 2015
13Good as New29 Mar. 2015
14Barn Burner5 Apr. 2015
15Behind the Sawdust6 Apr. 2015

Season 3

1Cliffside Castle9 Jan. 2016
2Coming Home16 Jan. 2016
3It's a Dirty Job23 Jan. 2016
4Out of the Ashes30 Jan. 2016
5Frying Pan Into the Fire1 Feb. 2016
6Going for Gold8 Feb. 2016
7Take to the Trees15 Feb. 2016
8Living the Dream22 Feb. 2016
9Night Sweats29 Feb. 2016
10Log Building for Dummies6 Mar. 2016

Season 4

1Heaven's Gate5 Mar. 2017
2Under the Gun5 Mar. 2017
3Cowboy Confidential12 Mar. 2017
4History Lesson19 Mar. 2017
5Where There's Smoke26 Mar. 2017
6Behind the 8 Ball2 Apr. 2017
7Giddy Up9 Apr. 2017
8Reach for the Sky16 Apr. 2017
9All Shook Up23 Apr. 2017
10Homes, Sweet Homes23 Apr. 2017

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