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Mitchell Whitfield, Khary Payton, Will Friedle, Constance Zimmer
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Released Transformers: Robots in Disguise - 11.11.2017

Transformers: Robots in Disguise, a new sci-fi action and adventure series, is now airing on Cartoon Network in America. The computer-animated series is developed by Hasbro Studios and Darby Pop Productions and animated by Polygon Pictures in Japan, so Transformers: Robots in Disguise is a collaborate effort of two countries. The first season of action television series was released on Cartoon Network in spring 2015 and consisted of 26 episodes.

In fact, Transformers: Robots in Disguise is a sequential program to Transformers: Prime, thought the creative teams and characters are different. The newest installment follows Bumblebee, Grimlock, Fixit, Sideswip, and Strongarm. The second season of the series was cut in the number of the episodes and included just 13 parts. It premiered in winter 2016 and got 6.5/ 10 IMDb and neutral critical reviews.

When Transformers: Robots in Disguise was released in 2015, the producers were planning to launch three seasons of the animated series. But the program did not fare very well, and instead of season 3, a movie was to be made. Cartoon Network was expected to announce the cancellation of the series and to schedule the production of the feature film, however, the fans could see season 3 of the animated series.



Transformers: Robots In Disguise (2015) Season 3 Teaser Trailer

Episode Guide

Season 1

1New Mission on Earth14 Mar. 2015
2The Devourer14 Mar. 2015
3Building Trust4 Apr. 2015
4Beyond Appearances11 Apr. 2015
5A Day at the Museum18 Apr. 2015
6As the Kospego Commands!25 Apr. 2015
7Collect 'Em All2 May 2015
8True Colors9 May 2015
9Rumble in the Jungle16 May 2015
10Can You Dig It?23 May 2015
11Adventures in Bumblebee-sitting!30 May 2015
12Hunting Season6 Jun. 2015
13Sideways20 Jun. 2015
14Out of Focus13 Jun. 2015
15Even Robots Have Nightmares27 Jun. 2015
16Some Body, Any Body4 Jul. 2015
17One of Our Mini-Cons Is Missing11 Jul. 2015
18Deep Trouble18 Jul. 2015
19The Champ25 Jul. 2015
20The Trouble with Fixit1 Aug. 2015
21Lockout8 Aug. 2015
22Similarly Different15 Aug. 2015
23The Buzz on Windblade22 Aug. 2015
24Ghosts and Impostors29 Aug. 2015
25Battlegrounds: Part 15 Sep. 2015
26Battlegrounds: Part 212 Sep. 2015

Season 2

1Overloaded: Part 120 Feb. 2016
2Overloaded: Part 227 Feb. 2016
3Metal Meltdown5 Mar. 2016
4Suspended12 Mar. 2016
5Cover Me12 Mar. 2016
6Brainpower12 Mar. 2016
7Bumblebee's Night Off12 Mar. 2016
8Portals12 Mar. 2016
9Impounded3 Apr. 2016
12Decepticon Island: Part 112 Mar. 2016
13Decepticon Island: Part 212 Mar. 2016

Season 3

1History Lessons22 Oct. 2016
2Strongarm's Big Score29 Oct. 2016
3Pretzel Logic5 Nov. 2016
4Mighty Big Trouble19 Nov. 2016
5Mini-Con Madness19 Nov. 2016
6Worthy26 Nov. 2016

Season 4

1King of the Hill: Part 129 Apr. 2017
2King of the Hill: Part 229 Apr. 2017
3Defrosted6 May 2017
4Blurred13 May 2017
5Sphere of Influence20 May 2017
6Bee Cool27 May 2017
7The Great Divide3 Jun. 2017
8Get a Clue3 Jun. 2017
9Out of the Shadows3 Jun. 2017
10Disordered Personalities24 Jun. 2017
11Guilty as Charged30 Jun. 2017
12The Golden Knight16 Jul. 2017
13The Fastest Bot Alive23 Jul. 2017
14Railroad Rage5 Aug. 2017
15Combine and Conquer12 Aug. 2017
16Moon Breaker19 Aug. 2017
17Exiles26 Aug. 2017
18Breathing Room16 Sep. 2017
19Prepare for Departure23 Sep. 2017
20Prisoner Principles30 Sep. 2017
21Collateral Damage7 Oct. 2017
22Something He Ate14 Oct. 2017
23Sick as a Bot21 Oct. 2017
24Five Fugitives28 Oct. 2017
25Enemy of My Enemy4 Nov. 2017
26Freedom Fighters11 Nov. 2017

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