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Treehouse Masters is officially renewed for season 6
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Released Date Treehouse Masters season 9

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Released Treehouse Masters - 22.09.2017

Treehouse Masters is a widely acclaimed American building docu-series coming from the production studio Stiletto Television. The series is a brainchild of Charlie Foley who developed Treehouse Masters along with Sarah Thompson. The program has been broadcast on the Animal Planet network in the United States since May 2013.

Each episode of Treehouse Masters follows treehouse extraordinaire Pete Nelson and his expert team as they travel across the country to design, construct and put into execution beautiful and unique treehouse projects. If one wishes to acquire private escapes and indulge their inner child, he or she will definitely estimate treehouses built by Pete Nelson and his team at the true worth.

Since the premiere of Treehouse Masters, the builders have created a good lot of magical structures and made some lucky people’s dreams come true around the whole America. The program has been a steady performer for the broadcasting channel and has a loyal fan club. Treehouse Masters don’t have prestigious awards, but the viewers praise its originality, creativity and good hosting by Pete Nelson. The reality and documentary series has brought in more than a million viewers, and it has 76% on IMDb, which is quite good for the show, which doesn’t target at huge masses.



Treehouse Masters: Season 1 DVD Trailer

Episode Guide

Season 1

0Santa's Workshop27 Dec. 2013
1Twenty Ton Texas Treehouse31 May 2013
2Luck O the Irish Cottage7 Jun. 2013
3Sky High Spa14 Jun. 2013
4Treetop Taphouse21 Jun. 2013
5Spirit House Retreat28 Jun. 2013
6Backyard Bungalow5 Jul. 2013
7Canopy Clubhouse12 Jul. 2013
8Love Is in the Air19 Jul. 2013
9View from Above26 Jul. 2013

Season 2

0Ultimate Treehouses 2: The Roots14 Feb. 2014
1Temple of Adventure10 Jan. 2014
2Black Bear Bungalow17 Jan. 2014
3Wild Butterfly Escape24 Jan. 2014
4Sky High Redwood Retreat31 Jan. 2014
5Levitating Lighthouse7 Feb. 2014
6Record-high Recording Studio21 Feb. 2014
7Mile High Mancave30 May 2014
8African Safari Hut6 Jun. 2014
9Bionic Treehouse13 Jun. 2014
10Scottish Sky Garden20 Jun. 2014
12Bird Nest27 Jun. 2014
13Towering Treetop Teahouse11 Jul. 2014
14Vincent Van Treehouse25 Jul. 2014
15Canopy Island Camp1 Aug. 2014
16View from Above 28 Aug. 2014
17AJ's Wish Treehouse19 Sep. 2014

Season 3

1Treetop Candy Kitchen26 Dec. 2014
3The Coolest Treehouse Ever Built9 Jan. 2015
4Meditating Maple16 Jan. 2015
5Treehive Beehive23 Jan. 2015
6Kentucky Climber's Cottage6 Feb. 2015
7Sky High Pirate Hideout20 Feb. 2015
8Triple Decker Record Setter6 Mar. 2015

Season 4

1Nelson Family Treehouse10 Jul. 2015
2High Noon Saloon17 Jul. 2015
3Mindbending Silver Maple31 Jul. 2015
4Twin Fix7 Aug. 2015
5Sunrise Daycamp Clubhouse21 Aug. 2015
6Magical Party Pad28 Aug. 2015
7Workshop Edition11 Sep. 2015
8Home Tree Home18 Sep. 2015

Season 5

1Texas-Sized Treehouse14 Jan. 2016
2Rustic English Re-tree-t21 Jan. 2016
3Treehouse "Z"28 Jan. 2016
4View from Above III5 Feb. 2016
6Camo Treehouse4 Mar. 2016
7Magical Modern Treehouse11 Mar. 2016
9Apres Skihouse Treehouse18 Feb. 2016

Season 6

9Magical Modern Treehouse11 Mar. 2016

Season 7

1Bon-Appé-Treehouse8 Jul. 2016
2Adventure Headquarters15 Jul. 2016
3How 'Bout Them Apples22 Jul. 2016
4Frank Lloyd Lakehouse29 Jul. 2016
5Treehouse Point 2.0!26 Aug. 2016
6Swiss Family Surprise2 Sep. 2016
7Ultimate Treehouses V9 Sep. 2016
8Zac Brown's Space Crab16 Sep. 2016

Season 8

1Appalachian Christmas Treehouse22 Dec. 2016
2International: Scandinavia5 Jan. 2017
3Nature's Super HQ12 Jan. 2017
4Glasshouse Treehouse19 Jan. 2017
5The Owl Treehouse25 Jan. 2017
6Surprise Makeover Edition3 Feb. 2017

Season 9

1A Treehouse Fit for a Viking4 Aug. 2017
2Hill Country Hideout4 Aug. 2017
3Glamorous Glamping Retreat11 Aug. 2017
4Thrill 'n' Chill Treehouse18 Aug. 2017
5Jeffersonian Honeymoon Suite25 Aug. 2017
6The Bird Barn Treehouse1 Sep. 2017
7City Sleeker Treehouse8 Sep. 2017
8Grace VanderWaal's Got Treehouse15 Sep. 2017
9Alaskan Mountain Treehouse22 Sep. 2017

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