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Trisha's Southern Kitchen is to be renewed for season 10
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Trisha Yearwood, Beth Bernard
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Released Date Trisha's Southern Kitchen season 10

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Released Trisha's Southern Kitchen - 02.12.2017

Trisha's Southern Kitchen is a long-running cooking show that hails from Food Network. The highly acclaimed series is co-produced by Ellen Rakieten Entertainment and Relativity Television, the companies that also produced Hideous Houses, Losing It with Jillian, Undateable, Limitless and Guy’s Grocery Games. Ellen Rakieten, Pete McPartland Jr. and Scott Einziger stand behind Trisha's Southern Kitchen as exec producers. The culinary show debuted in the US in April 2012.

The series will definitely appeal to those who love Southern food and want to enrich their personal arsenal of effective dishes. The show is hosted by the well-known and award-winning country singer Trisha Yearwood. Cooking tasty dishes from her best-selling cookbook, she also lets viewers see some insight into her personal life and music career.

In each thirty-minute episode Trisha surprises the viewers by wonderful dishes inspired by chocolate or wine or simple eggs.Banana breakfast or avocado and chicken sandwich are spiced with amusing stories told by the Emmy-awarded singer. The ratings of Trisha's Southern Kitchen have been more or less steady, so it is quite probable that the show will get renewed for another cycle.



Trisha's Southern Kitchen - Garth's Peanut Butter Balls

Episode Guide

Season 1

1Baby in the Band14 Apr. 2012
2Girlfriends21 Apr. 2012
3Grandma Knows Best28 Apr. 2012
4Family Reunion5 May 2012
5Gwen's Girls12 May 2012
6Daddy's Famous Stew19 May 2012

Season 2

1A Wedding Shower to Remember20 Oct. 2012
2Trisha's Tricks and Treats27 Oct. 2012
3Trisha's College Roommate Reunion3 Nov. 2012
4A Yearwood Thanksgiving10 Nov. 2012
5Special Occasion Dinner17 Nov. 2012
6Garth Brooks Is in the Kitchen24 Nov. 2012
7Holiday Cookie Party!1 Dec. 2012
8The Yearwood Sunday Supper8 Dec. 2012
9Trisha's Favorite Foods to Gift15 Dec. 2012
10Brunch with Aunt T29 Dec. 2012
12Counting Calories Southern Style5 Jan. 2013
13Football, Friends and Comfort Food12 Jan. 2013
14Family Fish Fry19 Jan. 2013

Season 3

1Karri-Oke25 May 2013
2Graduation Picnic1 Jun. 2013
3Staycation8 Jun. 2013
4Guy Food15 Jun. 2013
5Z-Girls22 Jun. 2013
6Poker Night29 Jun. 2013
7Movie Night6 Jul. 2013
8Weeknight Suppers13 Jul. 2013
9All About Me20 Jul. 2013
10Family Recipes27 Jul. 2013
11Rainy Day Food10 Aug. 2013
12Breakfast for Supper17 Aug. 2013
13Class Reunion14 Sep. 2013

Season 4

1Retro TV Dinners9 Nov. 2013
2No Fuss Thanksgiving16 Nov. 2013
3Kelly Clarkson in the Kitchen23 Nov. 2013
4Redneck Cocktail Party30 Nov. 2013
5Easy Holiday Brunch7 Dec. 2013
6Party Food21 Dec. 2013
7Healthy Twists4 Jan. 2014
8Straight Up Comfort Food11 Jan. 2014
9Make-Ahead Meals18 Jan. 2014
10Feeding the Home Team25 Jan. 2014
11Indoor Camping1 Feb. 2014
12Chocolate, Chocolate and More Chocolate8 Feb. 2014
13Gold Medal Comfort15 Feb. 2014

Season 5

1Southern Basics with a Twist23 Aug. 2014
2Barbecue with a Master30 Aug. 2014
3Updated Classics6 Sep. 2014
4Simple Weeknight Solutions13 Sep. 2014
5Feeding Hungry Boys20 Sep. 2014
6Boxed Lunch27 Sep. 2014
7All Things Miniature4 Oct. 2014
8Surprise Supper18 Oct. 2014
9Blue Plate Special25 Oct. 2014
10Homage to Julia Child1 Nov. 2014
11A Romantic Dinner8 Nov. 2014
12Big Family Thanksgiving15 Nov. 2014
13Just Because Party29 Nov. 2014
14Christmas Eve Dinner6 Dec. 2014
15Slim Down Secrets3 Jan. 2015

Season 6

1Weekend Breakfast18 Apr. 2015
2Comfort to the Max25 Apr. 2015
3Knockout Dishes2 May 2015
4Mother's Day9 May 2015
5Feel-Good Food16 May 2015
6Nashville Memories23 May 2015
7Family Grilling and Chilling30 May 2015
8Record Release Party13 Jun. 2015
9Our Guys' Favorites!20 Jun. 2015
10Glenda's Birthday Costume Party27 Jun. 2015
11Impromptu Get-Together4 Jul. 2015

Season 7

1Get Glam Awards Day2 Jan. 2016
2Day Trip to Memphis9 Jan. 2016
3Working Late16 Jan. 2016
4Camp Like a Girl23 Jan. 2016
5Game Day 10130 Jan. 2016
6Biscuit Lovin'6 Feb. 2016
7Trisha's Birthday13 Feb. 2016
8Country Music Hall of Fame20 Feb. 2016
9All Things Cast Iron27 Feb. 2016
10Barbie12 Mar. 2016
11Recipe Swap19 Mar. 2016
12Habitat Build2 Apr. 2016
13Road Food9 Apr. 2016

Season 8

1Pizza and a Movie30 Jul. 2016
2Let's Get It Percolating6 Aug. 2016
3Fan Fare13 Aug. 2016
4Cooking and Singing with Kids20 Aug. 2016
5Par-T-Que3 Sep. 2016
6Quick-Nic17 Sep. 2016
7Trisha's Day Off24 Sep. 2016
8Tailgating8 Oct. 2016
9Chop Chop15 Oct. 2016
10Masquerade and Cocktails29 Oct. 2016
11Giving Thanks12 Nov. 2016
12Sunday Funday26 Nov. 2016
13Cookie Swap3 Dec. 2016

Season 9

1Trisha Goes to Boot Camp7 Jan. 2017
2Trisha on Ice14 Jan. 2017
3Money Savers21 Jan. 2017
4Halftime Funtime28 Jan. 2017
5Chocolate Rules11 Feb. 2017
6Picture This!18 Feb. 2017
7Shoebox Memories25 Feb. 2017
8Coffee Talk18 Mar. 2017
9Eggs All Day25 Mar. 2017
10Tour Favorites1 Apr. 2017
11Bringin' Home the Farm8 Apr. 2017
12Book and Wine Club22 Apr. 2017
13Trisha's Spicy Kitchen29 Apr. 2017

Season 10

1Go Nuts for Doughnuts!19 Aug. 2017
2Camp Trisha26 Aug. 2017
3Hawaiian Cookout2 Sep. 2017
4Breakfast-Dinner Mash-Up9 Sep. 2017
5Food, Fast!16 Sep. 2017
6Seeing Double23 Sep. 2017
7Trisha's Open House Tailgate30 Sep. 2017
8Trisha's Halloween Prep14 Oct. 2017
9Trisha Goes Paintballing21 Oct. 2017
10Trisha's Pottery Party28 Oct. 2017
11Trisha's Misfit Thanksgiving11 Nov. 2017
12Concert with Friends25 Nov. 2017
13Ugly Christmas Sweater2 Dec. 2017

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