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Ultimate Spider-Man is yet to be renewed for season 5
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Steve Ditko, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Bill Mantlo, Todd McFarlane, David Michelinie, Joe Simon, Jim Starlin
Drake Bell, Ogie Banks, Chi McBride, Logan Miller
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Released Date Ultimate Spider-Man season 4

Episode 26









Released Ultimate Spider-Man - 07.01.2017

Ultimate Spider-Man is an internationally popular U.S.A computer-animated TV series that is currently broadcast on the Disney XD network. The adventure and science-fiction series is inspired by the widely acclaimed comics about Spider-Man, which is a creative effort of Marvel Comics. Both the graphical novels and the television series share the same writers – Brian Michael Bendis and Paul Dini, who also served as exec producers, and the group Man of Action. Ultimate Spider-Man was released in America in April 2012 on the same day as another Marvel superhero series - The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes season 2.

In fact, the following animated adventure series – Ultimate Spider-Man, Avengers Assembly and Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. – make the Marvel Universe series block on Disney XD. All the superhero series follow almost the same characters and respect common time and action continuity.

Season 4 of Ultimate Spider-Man consisted of 8 parts and was broadcast in the U.S.A from February to April 2016. Previously, we saw Spider-Man to become a part of the Avengers team and new characters to appear. Spider-Man discovers that his greatest villain enemies – Doctor Octopus, Hydra and the all-new Sinister 6 – collaborate to destroy him and the anti-terror agency S.H.I.E.L.D.

The action sci-fi series faced multiple awards, positive criticism and high ratings, so it will apparently get renewed for season 5. Follow the news if you want to go on following the adventures of the loved superhero.



Ultimate Spider-Man (TV Series) - First Trailer

Episode Guide

Season 1

1Great Power1 Apr. 2012
2Great Responsibility1 Apr. 2012
3Doomed8 Apr. 2012
4Venom15 Apr. 2012
5Flight of the Iron Spider22 Apr. 2012
6Why I Hate the Gym29 Apr. 2012
7Exclusive6 May 2012
8Back in Black13 May 2012
9Field Trip20 May 2012
10Freaky17 Jun. 2012
11Venomous24 Jun. 2012
12Me Time1 Jul. 2012
13Strange8 Jul. 2012
14Awesome15 Jul. 2012
15For Your Eye Only22 Jul. 2012
16Beetle Mania29 Jul. 2012
17Snow Day2012
18Damage19 Aug. 2012
19Home Sick Hulk9 Sep. 2012
20Run Pig Run16 Sep. 2012
21I Am Spider-Man23 Sep. 2012
22The Iron Octopus30 Sep. 2012
23Not a Toy7 Oct. 2012
24Attack of the Beetle14 Oct. 2012
25Revealed28 Oct. 2012
26Rise of the Goblin28 Oct. 2012

Season 2

1The Lizard21 Jan. 2013
2Electro21 Jan. 2013
3The Rhino27 Jan. 2013
4Kraven the Hunter3 Feb. 2013
5Hawkeye10 Feb. 2013
6Sinister Six17 Feb. 2013
7Spidah-Man24 Mar. 2013
8Carnage31 Mar. 2013
9House Arrest7 Apr. 2013
10The Man-Wolf14 Apr. 2013
11Swarm9 Jun. 2013
12Itsy Bitsy Spider-Man9 Jun. 2013
13Journey of the Iron Fist16 Jun. 2013
14The Incredible Spider-Hulk23 Jun. 2013
15Stan by Me7 Jul. 2013
16Ultimate Deadpool14 Jul. 2013
17Venom Bomb21 Jul. 2013
18Guardians of the Galaxy28 Jul. 2013
19The Parent Trap4 Aug. 2013
20Game Over29 Sep. 2013
21Blade5 Oct. 2013
22The Howling Commandos5 Oct. 2013
23Second Chance Hero20 Oct. 2013
24Sandman Returns27 Oct. 2013
25Return of the Sinister Six3 Nov. 2013
26Ultimate10 Nov. 2013

Season 3

1The Avenging Spider-Man: Part 131 Aug. 2014
2The Avenging Spider-Man: Part 231 Aug. 2014
3Agent Venom7 Sep. 2014
4Cloak and Dagger14 Sep. 2014
5The Next Iron Spider21 Sep. 2014
6The Vulture28 Sep. 2014
7The Savage Spider-Man5 Oct. 2014
8New Warriors12 Oct. 2014
9The Spider-Verse: Part 15 Mar. 2015
10The Spider-Verse: Part 212 Mar. 2015
11The Spider-Verse: Part 319 Mar. 2015
12The Spider-Verse: Part 426 Mar. 2015
13The Return of the Guardians of the Galaxy6 Jul. 2014
14SHIELD Academy2 Apr. 2015
15Rampaging Rhino9 Apr. 2015
16Ant-Man21 Jul. 2015
17Burrito Run28 Jul. 2015
18Inhumanity4 Aug. 2015
19Attack of the Synthezoids19 Sep. 2015
20The Revenge of Arnim Zola26 Sep. 2015
21Halloween Night at the Museum10 Oct. 2014
22Nightmare on Christmas3 Dec. 2014
23Contest of the Champions: Part 13 Oct. 2015
24Contest of the Champions: Part 210 Oct. 2015
25Contest of the Champions: Part 317 Oct. 2015
26Contest of the Champions: Part 424 Oct. 2015

Season 4

1Hydra Attacks: Part 121 Feb. 2016
2Hydra Attacks: Part 221 Feb. 2016
3Miles from Home28 Feb. 2016
4Iron Vulture6 Mar. 2016
5Lizards13 Mar. 2016
6Double Agent Venom20 Mar. 2016
7Beached27 Mar. 2016
8Anti-Venom3 Apr. 2016
9Force of Nature10 Apr. 2016
10The New Sinister 6: Part 112 Jun. 2016
11The New Sinister 6: Part 219 Jun. 2016
12Agent Web26 Jun. 2016
13The Symbiote Saga: Part 13 Jul. 2016
14The Symbiote Saga: Part 210 Jul. 2016
15The Symbiote Saga: Part 317 Jul. 2016
16Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 127 Aug. 2016
17Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 23 Sep. 2016
18Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 310 Sep. 2016
19Return to the Spider-Verse: Part 417 Sep. 2016
20Strange Little Halloween1 Oct. 2016
21The Spider Slayers: Part 18 Oct. 2016
22The Spider Slayers: Part 215 Oct. 2016
23The Spider Slayers: Part 322 Oct. 2016
24The Moon Knight Before Christmas17 Dec. 2016
25Graduation Day: Part 17 Jan. 2017
26Graduation Day: Part 27 Jan. 2017

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