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Vanderpump Rules is officially renewed for season 6 to air in 2017
Total Seasons:
30 min
Alex Baskin, Douglas Ross
Stassi Schroeder, Kristen Doute, Jax Taylor, Lisa Vanderpump
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Released Vanderpump Rules - 15.01.2018

Vanderpump Rules is a popular US reality show, which is telecast on the Bravo network. A derivative product of the hit series The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the series features one of its most remarkable characters, Lisa Vanderpump, who also serves as an exec producer for the program. Vanderpump Rules comes from studio Evolution Media production and it has been on air in America since January 7, 2013.

Vanderpump Rules action takes place in the West Hollywood region of Los Angeles and revolves around an acknowledged restaurateur Lisa Vanderpump. In the series we can follow a group of young and aspiring men and women working for Lisa Vanderpump's exclusive restaurant SUR. According to Bravo, Lisa ‘rules over her lively and mischievous staff with a platinum fist’. As it is typical for LA, most of the employees at SUR are also unskilled actors and singers.

Shows like Vanderpump Rules have never been critics’ favorites, and this one hasn’t got any prestigious awards. Despite the mediocre 4.9 out of 10 on IMDb, the series averages good viewership numbers – season 4 episode 1 attracted1.24 million viewers. The fans like that Vanderpump Rules is packed with drama and cheating with a healthy dose of nerve. The series is one of Bravo’s most-watched series in 2016, and if it continues to be so, the viewers will enjoy Vanderpump Rules for some further cycles.



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Episode Guide

Season 1

1Welcome to Sur7 Jan. 2013
2This Is a Break-Up14 Jan. 2013
3You Don't Know Jax21 Jan. 2013
4Vegas with a Vengeance28 Jan. 2013
5I'm Not a Ghetto Bitch4 Feb. 2013
6Caught with Your Trousers Down11 Feb. 2013
7In Love with Someone Else18 Feb. 2013
8Last Call25 Feb. 2013
10The Lost Episode11 Mar. 2013

Season 2

1Tooth or Consequences4 Nov. 2013
2Branded11 Nov. 2013
3Only the LonelyNov. 2013
4RumorsNov. 2013
5SurlesqueDec. 2013
6Lisa's AngelsDec. 2013
7AddictedDec. 2013
8Sherlock StassiDec. 2013
9Rich People Annoy MeDec. 2013
10Sur of the BorderJan. 2014
11The UltimatumJan. 2014
12Til Death Do Us PartJan. 2014
13Bitch SlapFeb. 2014
14I LiedFeb. 2014
15Reunion Part 110 Feb. 2014
16Reunion Part 217 Feb. 2014
17Secrets Revealed24 Feb. 2014

Season 3

1Instafight3 Nov. 2014
2All Fired Up10 Nov. 2014
3Grand Opening and Closure17 Nov. 2014
4Jax Nose Best24 Nov. 2014
5In the Doghouse1 Dec. 2014
6Kiss and Tell8 Dec. 2014
7New Girl, Old Grudges15 Dec. 2014
8Mind the Jax22 Dec. 2014
9What Happens in San Diego...29 Dec. 2014
10Bachelorette Beach Party5 Jan. 2015
12A Stand Against Stassi19 Jan. 2015
13Miami Vices26 Jan. 2015
14Judgement Day2 Feb. 2015
15For Better or Worse9 Feb. 2015
16Ring on a String16 Feb. 2015
17Jax Cracks23 Feb. 2015
18Dethroned2 Mar. 2015
19Reunion: Part 19 Mar. 2015
20Reunion: Part 216 Mar. 2015
21Secrets Revealed23 Mar. 2015

Season 4

1Playtime's Over2 Nov. 2015
2New Blood9 Nov. 2015
3Pretty Little Lies16 Nov. 2015
4Happily Never After23 Nov. 2015
5Cock of the Walk30 Nov. 2015
6Love Bites7 Dec. 2015
7Spit Take14 Dec. 2015
8Dirty Thirty21 Dec. 2015
9What Happened In VegasDec. 2015
10No Strings Attached4 Jan. 2016
11Fully Engaged11 Jan. 2016
12Leis, Liquor and Lies18 Jan. 2016
13The Bitch Is Back25 Jan. 2016
14Sex, Lies and Stassi's Videotape1 Feb. 2016
15Pucker & Pout8 Feb. 2016
16Bitch Ghost15 Feb. 2016
17Beach, Please22 Feb. 2016
18Too Little, Too Late29 Feb. 2016
19Just the T.I.P.7 Mar. 2016
20Push Comes to Shove14 Mar. 2016
21Reunion Part One21 Mar. 2016
22Reunion Part Two28 Mar. 2016
23Reunion Part ThreeApr. 2016

Season 5

1Summer Bodies7 Nov. 2016
2What Went Down14 Nov. 2016
3Cal It Like I See It21 Nov. 2016
4Thirsty Girls28 Nov. 2016
5Cold Feet5 Dec. 2016
6Pride12 Dec. 2016
7The Sociopath Test19 Dec. 2016
8No Show26 Dec. 2016
9The Talk of Montauk2 Jan. 2017
10Summer House Rules9 Jan. 2017
11The D Pic16 Jan. 2017
12Jax's Roast23 Jan. 2017
13Ambush30 Jan. 2017
14Into the Closet6 Feb. 2017
15Beads, Beers and Tears13 Feb. 2017
16Man Tears and Braziers20 Feb. 2016
17Drag Battle27 Feb. 2017
18Regrets Only6 Mar. 2017
19Triple Trouble13 Mar. 2017
20Taco Tuesday, Wedding Wednesday20 Mar. 2017
21Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Schwartz27 Mar. 2017
22Reunion Part One3 Apr. 2017
23Reunion Part Two10 Apr. 2017
24Reunion Part Three17 Apr. 2017

Season 6

0How They Got Here27 Nov. 2017
1Masquerade4 Dec. 2017
2UnFaithful11 Dec. 2017
3Back in the Saddle18 Dec. 2017
4Absinthe-Minded1 Jan. 2018
5Sex, Lies and Audiotape8 Jan. 2018
6See You Next Tuesday15 Jan. 2018
7Episode #6.722 Jan. 2017

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