Vikings season 5 is to premiere in 2017
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44 min
Michael Hirst
Travis Fimmel, Clive Standen, Gustaf Skarsg?rd, Katheryn Winnick
Ireland, Canada
English, Old English, Norse, Old, Latin
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Released Vikings - 13.12.2017

An Irish-Canadian period drama series and thriller Vikings has been airing on the History network in America and Canada since March 2013. The series is a creation of well-famed Michael Hirst who also exec producered Vikings. StudiosTake 5 Productions and Octagon Films produced the series.

The period drama Vikings is based on the chronicles of Viking Ragnar Lothbrok, the best-known hero of Norse myths, and infamous for looting England and France. The plot of the Vikings centers on Ragnar, a farmer who gets notorious after successful raiding into England with the support of his co-warriors and family: brother Rollo, son Bjorn and his wives. The series is filmed in picturesque Ireland.

A Vikings graphic novel based on the famous TV series was firstly introduced to the public at Comic-Con 2013. The comics were created by Michael Hirst himself.

The fourth round of the thriller includes twenty one-hour episodes, which are separated into two 10-part installments. Before the debut of the chapter, the creative team has hinted that there will be even more blood and darkness in the season.

Vikings is a major hit for the History channel, which was seen by about 2.3 million fans, and the very initial episodes doubled the rating to 4.6 million. The perfect 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating and an 8.6/10 IMDb score mirror the rave criticism.

Encouraged by high viewership counts and glowing viewer reviews, the History network has officially announced the renewal of Vikings for another run.



Vikings - Season 5 Official Trailer [HD]

Episode Guide

Season 1

1Rites of Passage3 Mar. 2013
2Wrath of the Northmen10 Mar. 2013
3Dispossessed17 Mar. 2013
4Trial24 Mar. 2013
5Raid31 Mar. 2013
6Burial of the Dead7 Apr. 2013
7A King's Ransom14 Apr. 2013
8Sacrifice21 Apr. 2013
9All Change28 Apr. 2013

Season 2

1Brother's War27 Feb. 2014
2Invasion6 Mar. 2014
3Treachery13 Mar. 2014
4Eye for an Eye20 Mar. 2014
5Answers in Blood27 Mar. 2014
6Unforgiven3 Apr. 2014
7Blood Eagle10 Apr. 2014
8Boneless17 Apr. 2014
9The Choice24 Apr. 2014
10The Lord's Prayer1 May 2014

Season 3

1Mercenary19 Feb. 2015
2The Wanderer26 Feb. 2015
3Warrior's Fate5 Mar. 2015
4Scarred12 Mar. 2015
5The Usurper19 Mar. 2015
6Born Again26 Mar. 2015
7Paris2 Apr. 2015
8To the Gates!9 Apr. 2015
9Breaking Point16 Apr. 2015
10The Dead23 Apr. 2015

Season 4

1A Good Treason18 Feb. 2016
2Kill the Queen25 Feb. 2016
3Mercy3 Mar. 2016
4Yol10 Mar. 2016
5Promised17 Mar. 2016
6What Might Have Been24 Mar. 2016
7The Profit and the Loss31 Mar. 2016
8Portage7 Apr. 2016
9Death All 'Round14 Apr. 2016
10The Last Ship21 Apr. 2016
11The Outsider30 Nov. 2016
12The Vision7 Dec. 2016
13Two Journeys14 Dec. 2016
14In the Uncertain Hour Before the Morning21 Dec. 2016
15All His Angels28 Dec. 2016
16Crossings4 Jan. 2017
17The Great Army11 Jan. 2017
18Revenge18 Jan. 2017
19On the Eve25 Jan. 2017
20The Reckoning1 Feb. 2017

Season 5

0The Saga of Lagertha29 Nov. 2017
1The Departed, Part 129 Nov. 2017
2The Departed, Part 229 Nov. 2017
3Homeland6 Dec. 2017
4The Plan13 Dec. 2017
5The Prisoner-
6Episode #5.62017
7Episode #5.72017
8Episode #5.82017
9Episode #5.92017
10Episode #5.102017
11Episode #5.112017
12Episode #5.122017
13Episode #5.132017
14Episode #5.142017
15Episode #5.152017
16Episode #5.162017
17Episode #5.172017
18Episode #5.182017
19Episode #5.192017
20Episode #5.202017

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