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When Calls the Heart is officially renewed for season 4
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Erin Krakow, Daniel Lissing, Lori Loughlin, Martin Cummins
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Released When Calls the Heart - 18.02.2018

When Calls the Heart is a collaborate creative effort between American production studios Believe Pictures, Jordan Films and Brad Krevoy Television, which is filmed in Vancouver.

The western and family drama series, which is available on the Hallmark network in the United States and Super Channel in Canada, was developed by Michael Landon, Jr. (Love Comes Softly, The Ultimate Life, Saving Sarah Cain), who also directed some of the episodes and served as the produced the series. When Calls the Heart is loosely based on Janette Oke's eponymous book of the same name, which is part of her Canadian West Series. The western family period drama premiered to American viewers in winter, and to Canadian – in spring 2014.

Initially, When Calls the Heart came out in fall 2013 as a two-hour feature film, but was later transformed into a television series. The main protagonist of the series, Elizabeth Thatcher, comes from a well-off Eastern family, but migrates from the big city to become a school teacher. Elizabeth gets used to the new life, but soon she has to change her ways.

Season 3 of When Calls the Heart was released in America in winter 2016 and continued attracting sizeable audiences in North America and hold a very high score of 8.6 on IMDb, so it was predictable that the producers greenlit the series for another installment.



"When Calls the Heart" Holiday Special: Teaser Trailer

Episode Guide

Season 1

1Lost and Found11 Jan. 2014
2Cease and Desist18 Jan. 2014
3A Telling Silence25 Jan. 2014
4Secrets and Lies1 Feb. 2014
5The Dance8 Feb. 2014
6These Games15 Feb. 2014
7Second Chances22 Feb. 2014
8Perils of the Soloists1 Mar. 2014
9Change of Heart8 Mar. 2014
10Love Comes First15 Mar. 2014
11Rules of Engagement22 Mar. 2014
12Prelude to a Kiss29 Mar. 2014

Season 2

1Trials of the Heart25 Apr. 2015
2Heart and Soul25 Apr. 2015
3Heart's Desire16 May 2015
4Awakenings & Revelations23 May 2015
5Heart of the Family2015
6Coming Together, Coming Apart6 Jun. 2015
7With All My Heart13 Jun. 2015
8New Year's Wish26 Dec. 2015
9Follow Your Heart2015

Season 3

1New Year's Wish26 Dec. 2015
2Troubled Hearts21 Feb. 2016
3A Time to Speak28 Feb. 2016
4Heart of a Hero6 Mar. 2016
5A Gentle Heart13 Mar. 2016
6Forever in My Heart20 Mar. 2016
7Heartbreak27 Mar. 2016
8Hearts in Question3 Apr. 2016
9Prayers from the Heart10 Apr. 2016

Season 4

1A When Calls the Heart Christmas25 Dec. 2016
2Words from the Heart19 Feb. 2017
3Heart of Truth26 Feb. 2017
4The Heart of the Community5 Mar. 2017
5Change of Heart12 Mar. 2017
6Heart of a Teacher19 Mar. 2017
7My Heart Will Go On26 Mar. 2017
8Healing Heart2 Apr. 2017
9Courageous Hearts9 Apr. 2017
10Heart of a Secret16 Apr. 2017
11Heart of a Fighter23 Apr. 2017

Season 5

1Episode #5.118 Feb. 2018
3Episode #5.3-
4Episode #5.4-
5Episode #5.5-
6Episode #5.6-

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