Wolfblood is officially renewed for Season 5 to air in Early 2017
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Debbie Moon
Gabrielle Green, Shorelle Hepkin, Bobby Lockwood, Kedar Williams-Stirling
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Released Wolfblood - 01.05.2017

Wolfblood, an original British teen fantasy series, has been broadcast on the CBBC network since September 10, 2012.

The action of Wolfblood takes place in a peaceful town of Stoneybridge. People and wolfbloods have been living there for centuries. The Morris’ family belongs to a line of half-wolves and they need to keep their secret and teach their kids to respect both aspects of their nature. Maddy Morris is a schoolgirl, who seems normal to her friends. But she is the only one who recognizes a wolfblood in her new classmate Rhydian. He has been adopted by humans and is in desperate need for help. Maddy comes to the rescue. But the family and Rhydian are not the only wolfbloods, there are others, who refuse to be peaceful towards people.

The teenage fantasy series can be considered a success due to winning multiple awards like Royal Television Award, a British Screenwriters' Award and others. Besides, teen viewers make a good rating for Wolfblood and picking up the series for another cycle seems to be a logical producers’ decision.

In summer of 2016, soon after the fourth season finale, CBBC announced that Wolfblood is renewed for season 5, which is supposed to come out in early 2017.



Wolfblood Series 4 Official Trailer - CBBC

Episode Guide

Season 1

1Lone Wolf10 Sep. 2012
2Mysterious Developments11 Sep. 2012
3Family Ties17 Sep. 2012
4Cry Wolf18 Sep. 2012
5Occam's Razor24 Sep. 2012
6Maddy Cool!25 Sep. 2012
7Dark Moon1 Oct. 2012
8Wolfsbane2 Oct. 2012
9A Quiet Night In8 Oct. 2012
10The Call of the Wild9 Oct. 2012
11Eolas15 Oct. 2012
12Caged16 Oct. 2012
13Irresistible22 Oct. 2012

Season 2

0The ScapegoatSep. 2013
1Leader of the Pack9 Sep. 2013
2The Girl from Nowhere10 Sep. 2013
3Grave Consequences16 Sep. 2013
4Total Eclipse of the Moon17 Sep. 2013
5Ancient Grudge23 Sep. 2013
6Mottled Poppy24 Sep. 2013
7Top Dog30 Sep. 2013
8Desperate Measures1 Oct. 2013
9Dances with Wolfbloods7 Oct. 2013
10Fall of the Wild8 Oct. 2013
11Best of Both Worlds14 Oct. 2013
12Going Underground15 Oct. 2013
13The Discovery21 Oct. 2013

Season 3

1Ulterior Motives15 Sep. 2014
2Alpha Material16 Sep. 2014
3With Friends Like These22 Sep. 2014
4Wolfblood Is Thicker Than Water23 Sep. 2014
5The Dark Ages29 Sep. 2014
6Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?30 Sep. 2014
7Wolves Amongst Us6 Oct. 2014
8Dark of the Rune7 Oct. 2014
9The Cure13 Oct. 2014
10The Cult of Tom14 Oct. 2014
11The Suspicions of Mr Jeffries20 Oct. 2014
12Cerberus21 Oct. 2014
13Moonrise27 Oct. 2014
14Jana Bites28 Oct. 2014

Season 4

1Captivity8 Mar. 2016
2A Long Way from Home8 Mar. 2016
3Wolfblood Ultimatum15 Mar. 2016
4Morwal16 Mar. 2016
5The Quiet Hero22 Mar. 2016
6She-Wolf23 Mar. 2016
7Sheep's Clothing29 Mar. 2016
8Where Wolf30 Mar. 2016
9Into the Wild5 Apr. 2016
10The Wild at Heart6 Apr. 2016
11Viral12 Apr. 2016
12Protocol 513 Apr. 2016

Season 5

1Brave New World27 Feb. 2017
2The Once and Future Alpha6 Mar. 2017
3The Dawnus Torc13 Mar. 2017
4The Shadow in the Light20 Mar. 2017
5Humans27 Mar. 2017
6The Last Dark Moon3 Apr. 2017
7Torn10 Apr. 2017
8The One Who Sees17 Apr. 2017
9The War with the Humans24 Apr. 2017
10United We Stand1 May 2017

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