Yukon Gold

Yukon Gold is renewed for season 5
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60 min
Rachel Coe, Liam Cripps, Jessica Parsons, Heidi Schorn
Bill Courage, Ken Foy, Guillaume Brodeur, Karl Knutson
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Released Yukon Gold - 22.03.2017

Yukon Gold is another real-life series devoted to hard work in severe conditions. Produced in Canada, the program has been available to the American audience on National Geographic since March 13, 2013.There is also a special addition to Yukon Gold, a post-season series offering retrospective insight and some episodes that were never seen before. The program is a product of Paperny Entertainment. David Paperny, Cal Shumiatcher, Beth Wichterich and Audrey Mehler are exec producers of the show.

As you probably know, the mining season in Yukon lasts only four months because of severe climate conditions. That’s why the miners have to do their best in order to get some profit. During every 18-hour working day the workers deal with enormous machines and the risk of losing time if they find no gold. Recently, we followed Ken & Guillaume's, Al “Big Al” McGregor's, Nika & Chris's, Bernie Kreft's and Karl Knutson's groups. Each of the miners is a strong and bold person who can overcome huge difficulties.

Viewers often compare Yukon Gold with Gold Rush Alaska and other similar programs and they have to admit that our program isn’t worse at all. However, the fact that Yukon Gold hasn’t enjoyed any nominations since 2014 shows that critics do not support the accolades given to the program.



Yukon Gold - Season 5, Episode 1 Trailer

Episode Guide

Season 1

1Sluice or Die13 Mar. 2013
2No Deaths, No Worries20 Mar. 2013
3The Curse of Moose Creek27 Mar. 2013
4Gold Fever!3 Apr. 2013
5Hard Days Night10 Apr. 2013
6Never Say Die17 Apr. 2013
7Run for the Narrows24 Apr. 2013
8Winter Gamble1 May 2013
9The Last Stand8 May 2013
10Freeze Up15 May 2013

Season 2

1Behind the Eight Ball26 Feb. 2014
2In for a Penny, in for a Pound5 Mar. 2014
3It's Ours to Take12 Mar. 2014
4What Doesn't Kill You...19 Mar. 2014
5Know When to Hold 'Em26 Mar. 2014
6Between a Rock and a Hard Place2 Apr. 2014
7All That Glitters Is Not Gold9 Apr. 2014
8In It to Win It16 Apr. 2014
9Know When to Fold 'Em23 Apr. 2014
10Know When to Run30 Apr. 2014

Season 3

1Fresh Start25 Feb. 2015
2Game Changer4 Mar. 2015
3Time Crunch11 Mar. 2015
4Under Pressure18 Mar. 2015
5Divine Intervention25 Mar. 2015
6Financial Crisis1 Apr. 2015
7Bedrock Blues8 Apr. 2015
8Desperation Mode15 Apr. 2015
9Home Stretch22 Apr. 2015
10Final Push29 Apr. 2015
11Looking Back6 May 2015

Season 4

1Homecoming17 Feb. 2016
2Treasure Hunt24 Feb. 2016
3Hard Rain, Bad Luck2 Mar. 2016
4Embrace the Chaos9 Mar. 2016
5For Blood or Money16 Mar. 2016
6Desperate Times23 Mar. 2016
7Hurts Like Hell30 Mar. 2016
8Double Down6 Apr. 2016
9Old Timers' Revenge13 Apr. 2016
10Race to the Finish20 Apr. 2016
11Grit, Guts & Glory27 Apr. 2016

Season 5

1Strike When the Iron Is Hot15 Mar. 2017
2Bloodied, Not Beaten22 Mar. 2017
3The Hiro Curse-
4Hard Lessons5 Apr. 2017
5No Backing Down12 Apr. 2017
6The Cost of Gold19 Apr. 2017
7The Razor's Edge19 Apr. 2017
8Winter's Grasp26 Apr. 2017

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